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924. By Balint Reczey

Moved to git at https://git.launchpad.net/livecd-rootfs

923. By Michael Hudson-Doyle

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.208.15

922. By Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge lp:~mwhudson/livecd-rootfs/bug-1711735

Fix security mirror sources.list entries for non-x86 architectures by
backporting trunk revision 1408. (LP: #1711735)

921. By Steve Langasek

Changelog fixup for missing SRU bug ref

920. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.208.14

919. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* Add ubuntu-cpc project (LP: #1693018)
  * Move building of all architecture-specific CPC artifacts into Launchpad
    - Fixup virtual FLAVOUR kernel name
  * added additional CPC build targets:
    - added manifest generation for squashfs and root.tar.gz
    - added VMDK generation
    - added OVA generation from VMDK's
    - added generic Vagrant image generation
  * Fix typo in ubuntu-cpc preventing non-intel builds.
  * add devpts-live to hook builds
  * add logic to settle the disks after UEFI builds
  * extended hooks/functions to support creation of derivative images
  * including mounting images.
  * added the ability to create qcow2 images in hooks/functions
  * simplified loop clean-up in hooks/functions
  * removed assumption that disk1.img would be built
  * switched qcow2 generation to use hooks/functions function
  * Produce OVA files for i386 cloud builds.
  * Remove unneeded packages from the root.tar.{gz,xz} cloud image targets
  * Install grub in ppc64el cloud images so they are bootable
  * Set timeout options so ppc64el cloud images don't display a grub boot
    menu (matching the behaviour of other cloud images).
  * Specify a regex to run-parts so that cloud image extra scripts are found
    and executed.
  * Refactor/reorder ubuntu-cpc support for consistency with other flavors,
    so that subarch overrides can be applied correctly.
  * fixed loop setup due to change of kpartx output
  * only use grub-install logic for Intel architectures
  * Refactor some non-idiomatic architecture handling in
    live-build/ubuntu-cpc/hooks/999-cpc-fixes.chroot that also misidentifies
    the architecture name for armhf.
  * Add hooks to ubuntu-cpc to divert /bin/sync in the chroot and undivert it
    at the end. This is a general-purpose change that should be applied to
    all flavors and archs, but at the moment it's only needed on armhf+raspi2
    to work around the raspberrypi2-firmware postinst calling sync, which is
    actually warranted in the normal case.
  * If a subarch is specified for a cloud image build, don't build rootfs
    artifacts; these should come from the 'generic' build.
  * Fix architecture handling in hooks. We know we're always being invoked
    from a launchpad-buildd-like setup, which passes ARCH and SUBARCH in the
    environment, because auto/config and auto/build both rely on this. So
    don't scatter dpkg --print-architecture calls throughout, especially
    when many of these are not cross-build-aware.
  * Refactor ubuntu-cpc hooks to allow us to handle images where the root
    partition should not be partition 1.
  * ubuntu-cpc: fix hooks/032-disk-image.binary call to
    create_empty_partition, which requires five args due to "-u"
  * ubuntu-cpc: in hooks/030-root-tarball.binary create /lib/modules to fix
  * Refactor ubuntu-cpc hooks to always produce a 'plain' rootfs via
    live-build and reuse this for the tarball, instead of lb_binary_rootfs
    creating some artifact that we ignore / throw away.
  * Initial support for raspi2 subarch.
  * Import live-build/ubuntu-cpc/hooks/raspi2/mkknlimg from
    and use it to install a bootable uboot.bin.
  * live-build/ubuntu-cpc/hooks/999-cpc-fixes.chroot: Add fake_cloud_init
    function to create a nocloud data source for cloud images that aren't
    meant to be used on real clouds and use it by default on armhf+raspi2
  * live-build/ubuntu-cpc/hooks/042-vagrant.binary: add serial device for
    Vagrant images
  * Refactor ubuntu-cpc hooks to hard-code producing an 'ext4' rootfs, which
    is used outside of the livecd-rootfs build process (specifically for EC2
  * live-build/ubuntu-cpc/hooks/042-vagrant.binary: scope serial device for
    Virtualbox only.
  * Enable building of powerpc cloud images.
  * Fixes for vagrant box builder in ubuntu-cpc
    - Install virtualbox-guest-utils
    - Don't disable default synced folder
    - Don't set vm name
    - Add cloud-init config to manage /etc/hosts
  * live-build/ubuntu-cpc/hooks/042-vagrant.binary: fix unmount handling
    so that the teardown is done properly /before/ we try to make an
    image from our filesystem, since otherwise /etc/resolv.conf is broken.
  * Don't overwrite the default sources.list in cloud images.
  * Replace sources.list generated using COMPONENTS with the sources.list from
    an Ubuntu Server installation (i.e. with all components enabled, and all
    deb-src lines commented).
  * Fix the manifest generation in OVA files so that ovf files don't have
    double extensions.
  * Fix the OVF's metadata to include Ubuntu specific identifiers and
    descriptions instead of the generic Linux ones.
  * Add replace_grub_root_with_label function thereby consolidating multiple
    uses of the same calls to sed.
  * ubuntu-cpc: Remove redundant copy of grub files.
  * Add `apt-get update` to ubuntu-cpc ppc64el builds so they use the new

917. By Adam Conrad

live-build/auto/config: Switch HWE from wily to xenial (LP: #1568918)

916. By Steve Langasek

Rename old ubuntu-core tarballs to ubuntu-base, for consistency with
the changes already made to yakkety and the ubuntu-cdimage project.
LP: #1579950.

915. By Adam Conrad

Only install thermald on amd64|i386 on lubuntu, fixing PPC build.

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