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28. By Iain Lane

Refresh ubuntu-restore-nondfsg-files.diff from new upstream

27. By Iain Lane

Merge with Debian

Still to do: import new emacs23-non-dfsg stuff.

* Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
  - debian/control.in:
    - Do not suggest emacs23-common-non-dfsg.
    - Replace use of Source-Version with source:Version.
  - debian/copyright.in:
    - Remove text about removed files.
  - debian/patches:
    - -Remove-files-that-appear-to-be-incompatible-with-the.patch: Remove.
    - ubuntu-restore-nondfsg-files.diff: New patch that reintroduces
      the non-DFSG files, with the exception of .elc files and info
      files, which use special characters and thus can't be easily
      represented in patch form. These will be regenerated at build
    - emacsVER-lp725988.patch: Set the X EMACS_CLASS to "Emacs23" to please
      bamf and gnome-shell
    - debian/patches/no_cpp_multiarch_dir_mangling.diff: make sure cpp
      doesn't mangle our multiarch include path due to a built-in macro
      matching the architecture name.
  - debian/emacsVER.desktop: also set StartupWMClass for bamf and
  - debian/rules:
    - Do not install replacements for non-DFSG files.
    - Install all info files, not just efaq.
    - Avoid uselessly building info files a 2nd time.
* Dropped changes:
  - use_crtdir_in_startfiles.diff: Now upstream
  - emacs-xgselect.patch: Now applied in Debian
  - Conflict/Replace emacs23-common-non-dfsg: This package was never in
    Ubuntu, so there is no need to care for removing it.

26. By Iain Lane

Merging shared upstream rev into target branch.

25. By Barry Warsaw

debian/patches/unity-shrinkage.patch: Back port of upstream Emacs 24
patch to prevent automatic uncontrollable shrinkage of the window to
one row high when no menu bar is used under Unity/Gtk+/Ubuntu 12.04.
(LP: #941790)

24. By Fabien Tassin

* debian/patches/emacsVER-lp725988.patch: Set the X EMACS_CLASS
  to "Emacs23" to please bamf and gnome shell (LP: #725988)
* debian/emacsVER.desktop: also set StartupWMClass (same reason)

23. By Anders Kaseorg

debian/patches/emacs-xgselect.patch: Initialize xgselect in
function xg_select when gfds_size == 0. Fixes 100% CPU startup
freeze with glib 2.31. (LP: #902043)

22. By Adam Conrad

No-change rebuild to drop spurious libsfgcc1 dependency on armhf.

21. By Adam Conrad

Transition to libjpeg8-dev, so our build-deps no longer conflict.

20. By Daniel T Chen

Revert addition of ubuntu-fix-extract-filename-on-gcc-warn-or-err.diff
that broke armel build. Reopens LP #814468.

19. By Daniel T Chen

Apply patch from longo resolving gcc-include's failure to
properly extract the filename and to jump to line position.
(LP: #814468)

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