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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

> > > but you can easily test it.
> >
> > No we can't (at least I and Richard can't).
> > That's the issue here, without testing on windows, nothing can really be
> > fixed.
> I have set up a Windows VM, you can see a screenshot of the bug in the report
> I filed.

Ha, that explains it, I receive bug reports by mail and rarely looked at attachment.

Copy/pasting the text was not an option ? It would make citing your bug report easier rather than having to type what is in the screenshot:

> bzr 2.6b1 python 2.6.6 (Windows-7-6.1.7600)

Neither bzr-2.6 nor python2.6 are supported anymore.

> > > Very unhappy with your Test-Driven Development practice because I was
> trying
> > to make code cleaner and found that:
> >
> > What is making you unhappy ?
> Look at the commit: awful replicated and spaghetti code justified by an
> useless test.


So, I didn't write that code nor that test so I won't take that personally.

Now, if you expect any project contributor to welcome your own contribution, it may be a good idea to not insult their work to start with.

Since you have a way to reproduce the issue though, and know how to TDD better than us, we'll welcome a a test reproducing that issue with the current code base (as mentioned above 2.6b1 has EOL'ed long ago) and a fix making the test pass.

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