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Recent revisions

1378. By Ken VanDine

* New snapshot with webaccounts integration
* New snapshot with webaccounts integration

1377. By Ken VanDine

releasing version 3.5.2+webaccounts4-0ubuntu1

1376. By Ken VanDine

releasing version 3.5.2+webaccounts3-0ubuntu1

1375. By Ken VanDine

releasing version 3.5.2+webaccounts2-0ubuntu1

1374. By Ken VanDine

releasing version 3.5.2+webaccounts1-0ubuntu1

1373. By Ken VanDine

added breaks, conflicts and replaces to handle soname change

1372. By Ken VanDine

* Snapshot with webaccounts integration
* debian/control
  - added build depends for libsignon-glib-dev and libaccounts-glib-dev
  - remove gwibber-service-identica from the gwibber-service recommends
    for now, there isn't a libaccounts plugin for it yet
* debian/gwibber.install
  - remove gwibber-accounts related files
* New upstream release
  - New twitter icons better matching twitter's guidelines, thanks
    Mark Tully (LP: #1012408)
  - foursquare: Changed to using urls based off Foursquare user ids rather
    than 'canonicalurl' due to 'canonicalurl' being removed from
    Foursquare's API (LP: #1012231)
  - foursquare: Added support for displaying 'likes', new to Foursquare API
* debian/patches/lp_934530.patch
  - Catch IOError when opening a url with urllib2, prevents crash for
    connection reset errors (LP: #934530)
* New upstream release
 - facebook: Handle unicode characters everywhere we set the
   username (LP: #938667)
 - Added inline python docs (Mark Tully) (LP: #576817)
* New upstream release
  - Removed unsupported/unmaintained service plugins: buzz, digg,
    friendfeed, qaiku, and pingfm
  - Convert all mx.DateTime use to built-in datetime module. mx won't get
    ported to python3 (Barry Warsaw) (LP: #990145)
  - libgwibber-gtk: Fixed up the GwibberGtkEntry widget's alignment and
    icon search path
* debian/patches/lp_38667.patch
  - dropped, merged upstream
* debian/control
  - removed dependency on python-egenix-mxdatetime
  - removed gwibber-service-digg, gwibber-service-friendfeed,
    gwibber-service-qaiku, and gwibber-service-pingfm packages
* debian/patches/lp_38667.patch
  - facebook: Don't crash on unicode characters in a username (LP: #938667)
* debian/control
  - dropped unneeded recommends for python-libproxy (LP: #997706)
  - dropped unneeded depends for python-simplejson
* debian/gwibber.install
  - dropped unused service icons for jaiku and brightkite

* debian/control:
  - Use standards version 3.9.3
  - Drop dependency on liblaunchpad-integration-3.0-dev
* debian/patches/01_lpi.patch:
  - Dropped, we no longer do Launchpad integration
* New stable release
  - fallback to displaying full sender's name if the nickname is empty, even
    if show-fullname is false (LP: #985801)
  - catch GLib.GError instead of GLib.Error, fixes crasher (LP: #940182)
  - Specify /usr/bin/python in gwibber-accounts instead of relying on
    env (LP: #988385)
  - lens: use category icons that match the rest of unity. This only affects
    the unity-lens-gwibber package in universe.
* debian/patches/*.patch
  - dropped, merged upstream
* debian/control
  - Added depends on gir1.2-wnck-3.0, gwibber-accounts needs it (LP: #957272)
* debian/patches/lp_975437.patch
  - foursquare: Don't crash on unicode characters in a users
    fullname, thanks to Raza Sayed (LP: #975437)
* Move the gsettings schemas from gwibber to gwibber-service (LP: #912628)
* debian/patches/lp_959068.patch
  - work around a bug in libgee which causes the size of a HashMap to
    change if you call unset while iterating it, which invalidates
    the iterator (LP: #959068)
* New upstream release
  - Check shorten-urls setting in the dispatcher before attempting to
    shorten, patch thanks to Martin T. (LP: #896639)
  - Removing unnecessary 'Image' link from entries with images obtained
    through imgpreview() (Mark Tully) (LP: #966285)
  - Replace all instances of a hashtag's occurance in a tweet at once
    rather than one at a time (Mark Tully) (LP: #966467)
  - Replace all instances of a nick's occurance in a tweet at once rather
    than one at a time (Mark Tully) (LP: #966467)
  - Catch errors from creating the pixbuf separately from sending the
    notification (LP: #940182)
  - Encode URLs to UTF8 before using them. (LP: #954374)
* New upstream release
  - more fallbacks for dupe detection, try with link_name, image_name,
    and video_name (LP: #826323)
  - Protect against trying to create a pixbuf from an icon that doesn't
    exist (LP: #949395)
* New upstream release
  - determine if we are DST or not, and set isdst in the time struct. This
    fixes the time delta being off by an hour for DST.
  - Make sure we don't keep references to Dee.ModelIter that has been
    removed (LP: #937607)
  - Use the SHA1 hash of the avatar URL instead of simply stripping the
    slashes, to avoid the resulting filename being too long to be created
    on ecryptfs volumes. (James Tait) (LP: #845374)
  - improved error handling to UrlLib2Downloader (David Klasinc) (LP: #946049)
  - facebook: try to handle data from facebook of type=question to
    prevent empty posts in the feed
  - since gtk+ 3.3.18 scroll events are getting blocked in the Gtk.Label
    for message, so we need to add the event mask for it.
* debian/patches/scroll_on_message.patch
  - add GDK_SCROLL_MASK on the message label to keep it from blocking
    scroll events with gtk+ >= 3.3.18
* debian/control
  - remove the buzz plugin, it doesn't work (LP: #951090)
* New upstream release
  - Fix duplicate detection by falling back to comparing html,
    link_description, image_url and video_url (LP: #933694)
  - Fixed account migration path from 2.32 (desktopcouch) to
    3.4 (sqlite) (LP: #740494)
  - gwibber-accounts crashed with TypeError in function(): Item 0: must
    be a subtype of gi.Boxed (LP: #936071)
  - Fixed position tracking so page down and page up move the
    appropriate number of tiles (LP: #629420)
  - more escaping of text that pango markup can't support
  - twitter: Use Twitter entities, improves getting hashtags, mentions,
    links, images, and videos. Thanks to Mark Tully (LP: #948092)
* New upstream release
  - foursquare: display comments on checkins (Mark Tully)
  - Update LINGUAS to use all the provided translations (Robert Ancell)
  - make the messages stream default on startup
  - Updated favorite information to include if you liked a post
  - facebook: fixed dupes and empty posts (LP: #826323)
* debian/control
  - drop Suggests for gwibber-service-buzz
* debian/control
  - dropped depends for python-wnck
* debian/control
  - dropped the depends for python-gtk2 and python-notify
* New upstream release
  - Translation fixes from Gabor Kelemen (LP: #926665)
  - Shutdown the service when using Quit from the menu if the unity lens
    isn't running. (LP: #923863)
  - Make searching in the lens faster using Dee's TreeIndex (Michal Hruby)
* debian/patches/poster_icons.patch
  - make sure the poster gets the icon theme search path
* debian/patches/unicode.patch
  - fix unicode character handling since the switch to urllib
* New upstream release
* debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - new symbols
* debian/control
  - dropped depends for python-gnomekeyring and added
  - dropped depends for python-webkit and added
* debian/gwibber-service-foursquare.install debian/gwibber-service-
  - moved the icons to the right binary
* debian/copyright
  - updated to dep5 format
* New upstream release
  - Completed dropped python multiprocessing and refactored the service
    threading. Including improving ability to catch individual
    operation failures.
 - Can't response or write to someone from their user information
   page (LP: #926081)
 - "Repeat" a status on StatusNet fails silently (Scott Sweeny) (LP: #923144)
* debian/control
  - bump depends for gir1.2-indicate-0.7
* New upstream release
  - Fixed memory leak in ActionBoxItem (LP: #909085)
  - Fixed race conditions in async image loading while scrolling (LP: #911619)
  - Hide window while gwibber exits (Michal Hruby)
  - Improved scrolling by enclosing comments and image previews in a
    Gtk.Expander, this fixes the tiles resizing while scrolling (LP: #875348)
  - Ported to valac-0.16
* debian/control
  - build depend on valac-0.16
* debian/control, debian/rules
  - Make sure we get the proper gir:Depends
* New upstream release
  - Drop the usage of threading.Thread and ensure the multiprocessing.Pool
    is closed after the job is complete, this greatly reduces the system
    load and stops the aggressive polling multiprocessing worker pools
    used (LP: #906916)
  - ported to libdee API changes
  - ported to libunity API changes
* debian/gwibber-service.pyinstall, debian/gwibber-service.install
  - Use a .pyinstall file to handle instaling stuff so we don't have to
    copy custom.py
* debian/rules
  - drop the copy of custom.py, it gets installed with .pyinstall file now
* debian/control
  - bump build depends for libunity-dev and libdee-dev
  - renamed build dep to gtkspell-3-dev
* debian/patches/lp_863039.patch
  - Translation fixes for plurals and time (LP: #863039)
* debian/patches/lp_911619.patch
  - Cancel async image loading on tile reset, this breaks image previews but
    fixes the crasher with gtk 3.3.6 (LP: #911619)
* debian/rules
  - Make sure custom.py can be imported, this was broken with the switch to
* Build using dh_python2
* New upstream release
  - Added a "debug" settings key to allow debug logging without running from
    a terminal.
  - Ensure _profile is passed a dict, if not it failed
  - Clean up indicator handling, setup the counts up front to ensure the
    ordering is consistent.
  - Only trim the padding off the entry if we are running in the client.
    This fixes the gray bar that was displayed below the poster entry
    in gwibber-poster.
  - Translation fixes for liked and shared strings (LP: #833807)
  - Added LINGUAS file to ensure the po files make it in the
    DIST (LP: #866038)
  - specify --shared-library when compiling the typelib, this fixes
    GI (LP: #893125)
* lp_861903.patch, lp_882633.patch, and lp_884831.patch dropped, fixed
* debian/control
  - build depend on valac-0.14
* debian/patches/lp_882633.patch
  - Don't use Gtk.main_quit when we aren't using a Gtk main
    loop (LP: #882633)
* debian/patches/lp_884831.patch
  - ensure the time label is the same height as the service icon to prevent
    constant resizing when using a small font. (LP: #884831)
* debian/patches/lp_861903.patch
  - Revert fix for bug 812039 which caused a loop which drives CPU usage up
    when the entry is being displayed. (LP: #861903)
* New upstream release
  - don't block the UI loading when creating the model (LP: #864727)
  - Add an index to speed up retrieving messages (LP: #864727)
  - Added profiling output
  - only disconnect valid handlers
  - lens: ensure we refresh the results when the lens becomes active, but
    only if the stream_model has changed
  - lens: don't clear the results model on an invalid search
* New upstream release
  - Properly get the retweeter's name instead of the original sender's
    for identi.ca and status.net (Scott Sweeny) (LP: #834773)
  - Fix lots of missing return values, (Vincent Untz) (LP: #866026)
* Reverted the change to dh_python2, it broke loading of the custom.py
  needed for setting the twitter API key (LP: #862876)
* New upstream release
  - Fixed some json errors in the services API
* New upstream release
  - Reflect changes in updated libunity API, from Mikkel Kamstrup
    Erlandsen (LP: #844779)
  - Mark some strings for translation, thanks to Gabor Kelemen (LP: #846032)
  - Don't clean the pkgconfig files, thanks to Aaron Borden (LP: #846144)
  - nick and hashtag parsing is not unicode aware, thanks to
    Tom Callaway (LP: #812482)
  - Don't claim to handle image mimetypes
  - foursquare: actually include content from version 3 of the
    foursquare API, thanks to Teester!
  - Make sure we display valid menus for each service
  - queue a redraw after showing the entry, thanks to Neil Patel (LP: #812039)
* debian/patches/new_libunity_API.patch
  - Dropped, merged upstream
* debian/control
* debian/rules
  - Port to dh_python2
* debian/pycompat: Dropped
* debian/patches/new_libunity_API.patch:
  - make it work with new libunity API
* debian/control:
  - build-dep on latest libunity version
* New upstream release
  - Ensure replies go to the proper nick name, with duplicate messages
    replies didn't necessarily go to the right nick
  - Ensure we have a name to display in the notification for "like"
  - Don't spam with notifications for "prepared" and make sure the icon is
    shown without relying on "prepared" spam
  - Initialize i18n infrastructure, thanks Gabor Kelemen (LP: 837530)
  - Fixed tooltips on the toolbar buttons, thanks David Klasnic. (LP: #837625)
  - don't wait for an idle to refresh the StreamView
* debian/patches/hide_image_uploader.patch
  - image uploading never made it into the UI, so hiding the setting
    in the preferences dialog.
* New upstream release
  - async loading of all images
  - display thumbnails for images and videos
  - display facebook comments inline
  - round the corners of avatars and thumbnails
  - significant performance improvements for rendering the stream views
* debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - added symbols
* New upstream release
  - tile sizing fixes, getting rid of wasted space
  - revert back to python-wnck, we can't mix GIR and static
    bindings (LP: #829186)
  - use subprocess instead of Gio for handling gsettings. We can't mix GIR
    and static bindings (LP: #829186)
  - Fixes escaping of html elements properly (LP: #825204)
  - Fixed data type checks that were causing failures (LP: #830839)
  - Make sure we get time from the right json object
  - Lots of json warnings and criticals cleaned up
  - Don't crash the service if notifications fail (LP: #727568)
* debian/control
  - Depend on python-wnck instead of gir1.2-wnck-1.0
* New snapshot
  - Don't allow public replies to private messages (LP: #828849)
  - Use the new message signal to control the unseen_count (LP: #814718)
* New upstream release
  - Context menu for copying text/URI's (LP: #579275)
  - gwibber-accounts crashed with TypeError in on_button_create_clicked():
    iter must be a GtkTreeIter (LP: #720920)
  - Buttons on information bar do not scale with font size (LP: #785599)
  - messages window opens outside screen (LP: #804194)
  - loses some of the messages from the bottom when switching
    views (LP: #812049)
  - service hangs if an avatar isn't obtained (LP: #828142)
* New snapshot
  - ported to libunity 4.0
  - Fixed typo in log string, Unble to Unable (LP: #824423)
* debian/control
  - build depends version of libunity-dev to >= 4.0.0
  - Changed recommends for python-indicate depends for gir1.2-indicate-0.6
* debian/unity-lens-gwibber.install
  - New paths
* New snapshot
  - Improvements to the user profile view
  - Account selection bar and search entry for searching for users
* debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - New symbols
* New upstream release
  - Improved user streams
  - New user_profile functions added for populating profile data
  - follow/unfollow added for twitter, identica and statusnet
* debian/libgwibber2.symbols, debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - New symbols
* New snapshot
  - scrolling performance improvements
  - hide streams until they are prepared
  - better calculating of number of tiles to display
  - perform a single operation to get a new user or search stream
  - switch to the user or search view when clicking on a hash tag or user
* debian/libgwibber2.symbols, debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - updated
* debian/preinst
  - cleanup the cruft left from pycentral (LP: #811915)
* New snapshot
  - setlocale for COLLATE to ensure the collator filter does what we need
    it to. This fixes the home stream not being sorted for some people
    as well as the appearance of the streams not updating
  - set wmclass so preferences, accounts and the client are associated
  - support foursquare API v2 (LP: #803149)
  - fixed some handling of filling the visible stream view
  - fixed flickering of the bottom tile when scrolling 1 position at a time
* New snapshot
  - Make twitter login webview tall enough to see the authorize button
  - prompt user to create an account on first run (LP: #819914)
* debian/control
  - fixed FTBFS, changed valac build depends to valac-0.12
* New snapshot
  - Added search input
  - startup speedups
* debian/patches/no_wnck.patch
  - dropped, upstream
* debian/libgwibber2.symbols, debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - updated
* debian/control
  - Drop depends for python-wnck and depend on gir1.2-wnck-1.0
* debian/patches/no_wnck.patch
  - Don't use static python bindings for wnck (LP: #813182)
* New upstream release
  - Install app icons in hicolor
  - Hide account icons in the target bar that aren't related to the account
    being posted from, only applies to replies for now.
  - disconnect from signals when needed, this caused a bug where avatars
    clicked opened incorrect urls
  - only clear models when initiallizing, otherwise just update as new
    posts come in
  - Attempt to use the dee resource manager, currently only working for
    the transient model
  - Spell check support in the entry
* debian/gwibber.install
  - install the ubuntuone image uploader
  - install the hicolor icons
* debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols, debian/libgwibber2.symbols
  - Updated symbols
* debian/control
  - Added new build depends for libgtkspell3-dev
* New snapshot
  - Don't try to save account edits before the account is
    created (LP: #749903)
  - Initial support for transient search streams
  - fixes for replies, likes and retweets (LP: #812054)
  - improved display of links and images metadata
* debian/control
  - Added libsoup2.4-dev build depends
* debian/libgwibber*.symbols
  - Updated symbols
* debian/gwibber.desktop:
  - Add Unity to OnlyShowIn value (LP: #803519)
* New upstream release
  - Native retweet support
  - Display notifications when re-tweeting
  - Added messages and public streams, made home stream display everything
  - Scrolling timeline flickers between current and top (LP: #707320)
  - About gwibber is a bit outdated (LP: #748348)
  - Load more messages (LP: #559321)
  - Gwibber puts the newest tweets at the top and oldest at
    bottom (LP: #625863)
  - Scrolling skips bottom of a large message (LP: #782275)
  - should use gsettings rather than gconf (LP: #656329)
* debian/patches/lpi.patch
  - Launchpad integration
* debian/libgwibber-gtk2.symbols
  - Added symbols
* debian/gwibber.desktop
  - Use gsettings for autostart key
* debian/patches/race_on_start.patch
  - Attempt to fix a race on startup
* debian/control
  - bump standards version to 3.9.2
* New upstream release
  - Handle NetworkManager API changes, for version >= 0.8.998 (LP: #791548)
  - Added support for imageshack uploading
* -debian/patches/lp_735609.patch, -debian/patches/lp_757451.patch
  - Dropped patch, applied upstream
* debian/patches/fix_facebook_ext_perms.patch
  - Send "scope" to specify ext_perm needed for facebook permissions,
    without this posting to facebook fails and requires removing and adding
    the account again for the user to get the permissions fixed (LP: #772015)
* debian/patches/lp_735609.patch
  - Don't try to render service information for a service that isn't
    installed (LP: #735609)
* debian/patches/lp_757451.patch
  - Don't populate the actions menu or reply when rendering a message
    from a service that no longer has the plugin installed (LP: #757451)
* New upstream release
  - Use a dynamic quick list so we don't display a Quit menu in the
    launcher when gwibber isn't running (LP: #736501)
  - Enforce a minimum allowed interval of 5m
* debian/patches/better_input_handling.patch
  - Dropped, fixed upstream
* debian/patches/better_input_handling.patch
  - Don't set editable until the input is exposed (LP: #647406)
  - Added optional content arg to GwibberPosterVBox, so consumers of the
    API won't need to override the expose event to insert default
    contents (LP: #739923)
* New upstream release
  - Assume online if NetworkManager isn't available on dbus (LP: #567037)
  - Be less agressive starting a refresh when connection state changes
    to online
  - Less agressive purging of data
* New upstream release
  - Fixed posting comments/replies to your own posts
  - facebook: handle a change in the data returned from the facebook API
    for "likes" (LP: #740778)
  - Fixed setting images stream for image data from twitter, identi.ca and
* New upstream release
  - Don't try to send a message if it is empty (LP: #737798)
  - twitter: Only add the reply to url link if we have enough information
    to create the url
  - Updated unity static quicklists to match the latest spec
  - Purge old data as well as data without an associated
    account (LP: #727132)
* debian/rules
  - Dropped scour workaround
* New upstream release
  - Remove the rounding in the last elif condition, to avoid an error when
    the seconds part is between 59.5 and 60.0. (Per Ångström) (LP: #705424)
  - Fixed handling of the in_reply_to data for twitter, and made minor
    changes to make sure identi.ca and status.net behaves the same
    way (LP: #677233)
* New upstream release
  - Flickr account doesn't appear in account tree (LP: #645584)
  - Fixed storage of facebook stream types in the database as well as
    displaying them in the appropriate stream in the client
  - Don't display "None" for the name of a photo if it isn't set
  - Don't display an empty notification for media posted without
    text (LP: #697729)
* New upstream release
  - Added X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts entries to the gwibber launcher
    to add menus to the launcher in Unity
  - Added gwibber-client wrapper script for performing some operations
  - facebook: If there is no name associated with a link, use the text
    "link" instead of displaying None
  - use load_uri instead of the deprecated webkit.WebView.open API
* debian/gwibber.install
  - include the gwibber-client wrapper script
* debian/rules
  - Override dh_scour args to prevent losing the gradient in the icon
  - Added suggests for gwibber-service-statusnet,
    gwibber-service-foursquare, gwibber-service-friendfeed,
    gwibber-service-pingfm, gwibber-service-qaiku,
    gwibber-service-flickr, gwibber-service-digg
* New upstream release
  - foursquare: fails if response contains a venue that has been
    deleted (Teester) (LP: #687498)
  - dispatcher: catch exception per every failing-message (Marco
    Trevisan) (LP: #645512)
  - Dump test data (~/.cache/gwibber/dump/) if GWIBBER_TEST_DUMP=1
  - Don't use the deprecated htmllib escaping for html entities (LP: #554205)
* debian/patches/first_run_dynamic_protocols.patch
  - Don't fail to check for data in desktopcouch, dynamically import
    available services. This fixes crash on first run.
* New unstable release
  - statusnet:
    * Fixed an if statement that was causing errors to get lost in some cases
    * Enable the public stream by default, it is useful for dedicated
      status.net instances
  - facebook:
    * Ported to use the Graph API
    * Fixed rendering of "likes", and improved display of links, videos,
      photos, etc
    * Tell facebook not to prepend "is " to posts (LP: #674894)
  - dispatcher:
    * Handle python-indicate from karmic, the indicator doesn't send
      a timestamp
    * Fixed failure to notify for private messages (LP: #663377)
    * Treat strings starting with "www." as a href (LP: #324809)
  - client:
    * Merged in keyboard control from Michael Hall (LP: #621953)
    * Don't traceback older version of pygtk which didn't have gtk.InfoBar
    * added missing public.png icons, for 24x24 and 32x32
  - accounts: Show the auth button if we know there was an auth failure
* New unstable release
  - Shouldn't display reply icon for messages from you (LP: #661330)
  - Private messages shouldn't allow public replies (LP: #661358)
  - Private messages shouldn't allow retweets (LP: #661359)
  - Don't clear multi-column streams when activated by the messaging
    indicator (LP: #643487)
  - Save window size/position when it changes, so it doesn't get moved
    unexpectedly when activated by the messaging indicator (LP: #614345)
  - Split gwibber-service backends into plugins so they can be optional
  - gwibber-service will now look for plugins in multiple paths
    * $GWIBBER_PLUGIN_DIR, ~/.local/share/gwibber/plugins,
      /usr/local/share/gwibber/plugins, /usr/share/gwibber/plugins
  - Don't traceback if you attempt to delete an account when there is
    no account selected (LP: #663948)
  - Fixed dupe notifications as well as displaying dupes in the stream
  - Plugins can now return tuples of errors instead of messages, which
    signals the client to display the failure in an Infobar
  - Remove all db access from the client, move all the logic to the service
  - Add appindicator support, to get quicklists if using Unity
  - Use counters in the messaging menu for unseen messages, replies and
    private messages
  - Fix for gwibber-poster man page from Kartik Mistry (LP: #638824)
  - New gwibber-accounts man page from Kartik Mistry (LP: #638824)
  - Clear input entry and account target bar on ESC (LP: #555689)
  - Client will display the infobar with retry, edit account, and clear
  - gwibber-accounts: added infobar to display errors passed in from
    the client
  - gwibber-service-statusnet - ported to use oauth1.0a
  - gwibber-service-identica - ported to use oauth1.0a
* debian/control
  - Dropped recommends for python-desktopcouch-records
  - Split the gwibber-service plugins into separate packages
    * gwibber-service-facebook
    * gwibber-service-twitter
    * gwibber-service-identica
    * gwibber-service-flickr
    * gwibber-service-digg
    * gwibber-service-buzz
    * gwibber-service-statusnet
    * gwibber-service-foursquare
    * gwibber-service-friendfeed
    * gwibber-service-pingfm
    * gwibber-service-qaiku
  - Make the service plugins conflict with gwibber-service <= 2.33.0
* debian/patches/lp_report_to_ubuntu.patch
  - Updated links to point to natty
* New upstream release (LP: #660693)
  - Reuse the libproxy.ProxyFactory object to prevent a race
    condition (LP: #651761)
  - Facebook: Check for new messages since "updated_time" instead
    of "created_time", to prevent losing status updates (LP: #541831)
  - Facebook: Better handling of data returned from facebook (LP: #615339)
  - Facebook: fixed matching of uid with profiles (LP: #524510)
  - Facebook: fixed missing notifications (LP: #575394)
  - Facebook: when checking for new content, use localtime
  - Update existing record if it conflicts instead of just
    ignoring it (LP: #541831)
  - Added a missing import to properly log failure on avatar resize
  - Fix for internal Digg errors, thanks Vadim Rutkovsky (LP: #352226)
  - Branch fixes gwibber icon is broken on the right
    side, thanks Vish. (LP: #655159)
  - start gwibber-service anytime the client needs it, not just for
    service operations
  - dropped print statement used for debugging scrolling
* New upstream release
  - Re-enable the first run experience, if there are no accounts configured
     run gwibber-accounts (LP: #654811)
* debian/patches/lp_report_to_ubuntu.patch
  - Fixed urls for translate and gethelp to be maverick specific,
    thanks Omer Akram (LP: #641808)
* debian/patches/lp_653225.patch
  - Don't try to store the locale and reset it after parsing the
    timestamp, this was causing a failure to retrieve any messages
    for anyone with a locale set without encoding. For example en_IN
    instead of en_IN.UTF-8 which seems to be pretty common (LP: #653225)
* New upstream release
  - Hide appmenu stubs for preferences and accounts
* debian/patches/hide_appmenu_stubs.patch
  - Patch dropped, included in release
* debian/patches/hide_appmenu_stubs.patch
  - Hide appmenu stubs for preferences and accounts
* New upstream release
  - Don't crash if an account exists for a service that isn't available
  - Don't fail if user["url"] is None
  - Really quit when quit is selected (LP: #603598)
  - Don't block the UI on map_async, fixes dbus call_blocking()
    exceptions (LP: #628686)
* New upstream release
  - Fixed render stream when font settings change, thanks Vadim
    Rutkovsky (LP: #580417)
  - Only set the font when there is a default font set (LP: #534098)
  - Disable plugins for all the webkit.WebView instances, apparently it
    can consume lots of CPU (LP: #629368)
  - Translation fixes from Vadim Rutkovsky
* debian/patches/abount_window.patch
  - Set the about dialog as transient for the main window, cleans up
    menus using appmenu
* New upstream release
  - Make authentication and network errors translatable, thanks Vadim
    Rutkovsky (LP: #633411)
  - Removed unnecessary stream update when send_enabled is toggled, thanks
    Vadim Rutkovsky (LP: #636290)
  - Improved notification settings in gwibber-preferences (LP: #621646)
* New upstream release
  - Don't crash if there are streams configured for accounts that no longer
    exist (LP: #631263)
  - Delete associated streams when an account is deleted
  - Reuse worker pool of threads (LP: #624918)
  - Ensure the timer is reset on each refresh, prevents multiple timers
    created to perform the refresh operations causing crashes (LP: #600010)
  - Clicking on the message indicator should focus replies (LP: #549817)
  - When focusing replies stream from the indicator, clear the
    indicators (LP: #629623)
  - gwibber-service crashed with IOError in get_avatar_path() (LP: #626068)
  - gwibber-service crashed with GError in notify() (LP: #622812)
* debian/gwibber-service.py
  - Added apport package-hook to attach the gwibber.log (LP: #384552)
* debian/patches/lp_628420+lp_628552.patch
  - Prevent duplicate notifications and indicators (LP: #628420)
  - Honor notify_mentions_only setting (LP: #628552)
* New upstream release
  - Port twitter service to OAuth, basic auth is no longer
    supported (LP: #627565)
  - Delay setting the position of the vertical splitter
  - Fix PerformOp for single operation, including delete and
    like (LP: #616798)
  - Make the string for the Translate action i18n
    friendly (Vadim Rutkovsky)
  - Convert identi.ca groups (!) to hashtags (#) for re-denting if
    global_retweet is true (Vadim Rutkovsky) (LP: #539786)
  - Handle null responses gracefully (James Ogley) (LP: #623309)
  - recognize valid unicode URLs (LP: #333390)
  - Don't crash if there is an invalid value for a preference (LP: #623335)
* debian/gwibber-service.install
  - Install files needed for twitter oauth
* New upstream release
  - gwibber-accounts: Display Add/Create buttons at the appropriate time
  - gwibber-accounts: Handle cases where there are missing keyring
    entries, prompt the user and insert them into the keyring
  - gwibber-accounts: Don't crash when attempting to migrate accounts
    from desktopcouch if couch is installed but there is no
    gwibber_accounts DB
  - gwibber-service: Don't crash if creditials can't be found in the keyring
  - Fix service error handling, displaying an error dialog or raising
    gwibber-accounts as appropriate
  - Limit the number of notifications display for old mentions
* New upstream release
  - Added tooltips for Menu and Reply (LP: #577486)
  - Handle messages that might have missing sender data
  - Added Messages interface to com.Gwibber.Streams
  - Added Start method to com.Gwibber.Service
* debian/patches/missing_sender.patch
  - Handle messages that might have missing sender data
* New upstream release
  - Merged back in i18n fixes from before the sqlite merge, they seem to
    have gotten lost (LP: #538981)
  - Make "Lists" translatable
  - Make "Search" translatable
  - Order the result of new_items by time so we get notifications in the correct
    order (LP: #499323)
  - Only notify for the last 10 messages (except responses), as it is that is
    100 seconds of notifications displaying.
  - Always notify for responses (mentions)
  - Cache avatars for notifications and client (LP: #527446)
  - Fixed scrolling problems including scrollwheel support (LP: #611276)
* debian/gwibber.desktop
  - Changed the key looked at for autostart
* debian/control
  - Added depends on python-oauth, required for buzz
* debian/control
  - Removed python-pysqlite2 depends, sqlite3 is provided by python
* New upstream release
  - Move backend storage from desktopcouch to sqlite
  - Don't scroll to the top on every refresh (LP: #327172)
* debian/control
  - Added a Depends for python-pysqlite2
  - Dropped python-desktopcouch-records to a Recommends (still needed
    for account migration, but not strickly required)
  - Made python-libproxy and python-indicate Recommends instead
    of depends
  - Bumped standards version to 3.9.1
* -debian/patches/lp_539017.patch
  - Merged upstream
* debian/patches/no_tray_icon_pref_ui.patch
  - Hide the tray_icon preferences
* debian/patches/lp_539017.patch
  - Fixed another import from util (LP: #605357)
* debian/patches/lp_539017.patch
  - Moved SettingsMonitor, getbus and service_is_running to
    gwibber.microblog.utils to fix failed imports from the public API when
    only gwibber-service is installed (LP: #539017)
* New upstream release
  - Better facebook api_key handling
  - Only download content from facebook that we haven't already downloaded
    yet (LP: #595265)
  - Cache the results of the friends query from facebook so we don't make so
    many redundant calls and download duplicate data (LP: #595265)
  - Added a CouchDB view for getting max_message_time and a method for
    looking it up per operation, using this value to only get content
    newer than the latest record we have stored
  - All of these fixes are related to reducing the number of calls we
    we make to facebook and reducing the size of the result. Facebook
    throttles application wide, not per-user based on usage. This throttling
    is the root cause for (LP: #552227) and (LP: #595265) and probably many
    other bug reports where facebook rejects gwibber.
  - Merged in the latest version of facelib.py
  - Don't fail when we get valid error codes back from facebook, log them.
  - Bump the map_async timeout up to make sure it is higher than the pycurl
  - Bump the pycurl.TIMEOUT to 150 and use default for pycurl.CONNECTTIMEOUT
* New upstream release
  - Added GetVersion method to the API
  - added libproxy support for gwibber-service (LP: #259830)
* debian/patches/fix_poster.patch
  - Fixed signals in the poster widget
* debian/patches/lp_569543.patch
  - Don't allow people to click "Add" before we have enough information
    from facebook to add the account (LP: #569543)
* debian/patches/handle_facebook_keyring.patch
  - Handle prompting the user to authorize gwibber to use facebook in cases
    where the account was synced and there is no local key stored in the
    keyring (LP: #571224)
* debian/patches/dont_spawn_multiple_accounts_dialogs.patch
  - Don't fire gwibber-accounts for each failure, only spawn it
    once (LP: #564741)
* New upstream release
  - Fixed account creation for accounts previously deleted (LP: #535263)
  - Fixed support for Qaiku (LP: #342536) (LP: #544129)
  - Fixed identi.ca search URL
* New upstream release
  - gwibber crashed with KeyError in action() (LP: #520492)
  - Strings in the side panel are not translatable (LP: #538981)
  - Strings in the *mako templates are not translatable (LP: #538987)
  - gwibber crashed with AttributeError in action() (LP: #444654)
* debian/patches/lp_539781.patch
  - Fix handling of raising the keyring error (LP: #539781)
* debian/patches/lp_560008.patch
  - Removed, incorporated in lp_539781.patch
* debian/patches/lp_560008.patch
  - Added missing import for exceptions (LP: #560008)
* debian/control
  - Depend on python-indicate instead of recommend (LP: #548814)
* debian/patches/lp_559151.patch
  - create the view if it doesn't already exist (LP: #559151)
* New upstream release
  - Fixed threadlock in keyring call which made gwibber-service
    utilize 100% of a CPU (LP: #554005)
  - Handle parsing of bad message content better
  - Fixed color handling regression in gwibber-accounts
  - Respect full name preference in notification bubbles
  - Reset refresh interval to pick up changes in settings (LP: #487266)
* New upstream release
  - Use the keyring to store private account fields (LP: #400120)
  - Store window state information in gconf instead of desktopcouch
    to prevent syncing
* debian/control
  - Added depends on python-gnomekeyring
* debian/patches/lp_report_to_ubuntu.patch
  - Updated to also point translations and questions to
    downstream (LP: #551535)
* New upstream release
  - Use MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH for max length instead of hard coding 140
  - Changed the views to not emit the entire doc as a value
  - Set default focus to the text input widget (LP: #528302)
  - Made a string translatable, requested by the translations
    team (LP: #534667)
  - Patch from Gabor Kelemen setting translation domain for .ui
    files (LP: #538846)
  - Mark strings translatable, thanks Kelemen Gábor (LP: #520462)
  - Added X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain to allow translations of the desktop
    files to be loaded at runtime (LP: #538851
  - Use the desktopcouch API for excluding the DB and handle
    errors (LP: #539583)
  - Set window icons properly so they scale nicely
  - Set account IDs in desktopcouch to force merging on sync instead of
    creating dupes (LP: #535263)
* debian/patches/lp_report_to_ubuntu.patch
  - File bugs against the package (LP: #551132)
* Upstream release
  - fixes for friendfeed which require a remote key (LP: #520537)
  - fixes for qaiku and friendfeed which both require an API key (LP: #538160)
  - string change for the preferences menu (LP: #534952)
* debian/gwibber.install
  - Don't install the launcher for gwibber-accounts (LP: #533076)
* debian/patches/lp_538083.patch
  - when network exception is caught, CPU usage hits 100% (LP: #538083)
* new upstream release 2.29.92
  - Raise errors for auth failures
  - don't sync the gwibber_messages to ubuntuone (LP: #520687)
  - use dbus names to check for existing service (LP: #534922)
* debian/gwibber.install
  - Added files needs for raising error dialogs
* new upstream release 2.29.91
  - fixed a bug that prevented mentions/replies to get added to the
    messaging indicator
  - added more debug level logging
  - Fixed raising the client via dbus, missed a variable rename
  - Added signatures to the URLShorten dbus methods, fixes (LP: #517723)
  - URL shortening should be async (LP: #521974)
  - don't fail if desktopcouch is slow to start
  - Make "Name" more descriptive, it is displayed on UNE and in
    GNOME Shell (LP: #522180)
  - Fixed calls to print_exc that failed
  - Gwibber stops working after suspending (LP: #518550)
  - Fixed notifications for mentions only (LP: #528270)
  - Set the autostart gconf key if it wasn't set at all before
  - Internationalization fixed from David Planella (LP: #520462)
  - use human readable time string in save to tomboy (LP: #532730)
  - imported translations from LP
  - Moved the init_design_doc method call to MessageMonitor, this fixes a
    bug loading the design document before it is created
  - fixed a problem with configuring accounts spawning two services
  - check to see if gwibber-service is already running before starting
* debian/gwibber.desktop
  - Make gwibber-service autostart with a delay of 60s if accounts are
* No-change upload to get translations stripped and imported, now that the
  package is in main.
* New upstream release
  - Removed legacy home.mako templates, they aren't used anymore
  - don't include the 32x32 icons in the dist, they aren't used
* debian/control, debian/gwibber.install, debian/gwibber-themes.install
  - Split the extra themes out into a separate gwibber-themes package
* debian/control
  - updated descriptions to reflect current gwibber features
  - added Suggests for gwibber-themes
  - make gwibber-themes replace gwibber <<
* New upstream release 2.29.90
  - ported Qaiku, StatusNet and Digg to 2.29.x
  - Added logging, now outputs logs in $HOME/.cache/gwibber/
  - Added url shortening to the python API
  - Updated docstrings for epydoc friendly API docs
* debian/control:
  - bump Standard-Version
* new release 2.29.1
* debian/patches/theme.patch
  - Set default theme to "ubuntu"
* debian/copyright
  - updated references for files removed or moved
* dropped debian/{dirs,docs}, not needed anymore
* new snapshot
  - new messages theme for ubuntu
  - updated jquery
* new snapshot
  - handle failures better in account import
  - force a refresh after migrating accounts from gconf
* debian/gwibber.install
  - added upgrade.py
* new snapshot
  - added missing upgrade.py (LP: #517646)
  - Use Twitter's home timeline instead of the deprecated friends timeline
  - Consolidate all of our databases and monitors into the Model class
  - Applied Cimi's box-shadow improvement to the Gwilouche theme
* new snapshot
  - Account creation/edit dialogs should have capitalized
    titles (LP: #504979)
  - Create dialog don't use a verb in the button (LP: #316219)
  - Save and create buttons should be in an hbuttonbar (LP: #517229)
  - Facebook account creation dialog is displayed above Facebook
    authorization window (LP: #504966)
  - Search entry should show clear icon if and only if the entry is not
    empty (LP: #505248)
  - migrate old accounts out of gconf
  - no private messages for Identi.ca (LP: #517211)
  - Re-render the messages when the theme or font is changed (LP: #498454)
* new snapshot
  - re-enabled message themes
  - Added send button and moved character counter to an overlay
* new snapshot
  - Ported URLShorten and hooked it up in the UI
* debian/gwibber-service.install
  - urlshorten moved under gwibber/microblog/
* new snapshot
  - Fixed an import error in gwibber-accounts
* new snapshot
  - fixed interface name for dbus service activation for the backend
* new snapshot
  - really raise/focus the client when called via dbus
* new snapshot
  - renames the dbus interface names to match the object path
* new snapshot
* don't crash if gtkspell can't work for specified locale (LP: #439146)
* new snapshot
* new snapshot
* debian/gwibber.install
  - include gwibber.lib.gtk
* debian/gwibber-service.install
  - include gwibber.lib
* new snapshot
* new snapshot
  - fixes a problem starting the client when the service isn't running yet
* new snapshot from the overhaul branch
* split the daemon out into gwibber-service (LP: #421285)
* use desktopcouch for message storage, displays messages (LP: #501676)
* new snapshot
* debian/control
  - removed depends for python-gnome2-desktop and python-cairo
  - added depends for python-wnck
* Large font size, cannot be changed or overridden (LP: #460069)
* Gwibber doesn't honor refresh interval preference (LP: #487266)
* Added beginings of a public python API and simplified the submition
  of an operation over dbus
* debian/patches/01_lp455943.patch
  - removed, merged upstream
* Added python-gtkspell as a dependency to fix spellchecking (LP: #451374)
* backout previous fix for font offset, which only adjusted offset, rather than fixing
  the bug "gwibber does not honour font settings from UI"
* adjusted font size so it stays with system font size rather than having a
  +2pt offset (LP: #460069)
* new upstream snapshot - r476
  - fixes multithreading issues in gwibber-daemon probably causing a lot of random issues
  - reduce number of threads to minimum by running OperationManager and OperatinResultHandler
    run in glib mainloop
  - fix flickr time parsing issues that can trigger random sorting of messages in frontend
  - fix digg time parsing issues that can trigger random sorting of messages in frontend
  - quit gwibber daemon if you explicitly quit gwibber UI
* remove round borders from css to fix invisible avatars for some graphic drivers (LP: #455943)
  - add debian/patches/01_lp455943.patch
* New upstream snapshot - r467
  - set timeouts for connection and calls to facebook (LP: #422864)
* New upstream snapshot - r466
  - Fixed theme handling when the theme configured doesn't
    exist (LP: #447733) and (LP: #446661)
* New upstream snapshot - r465
  - Fixes for dbus call blocking crashes (LP: #422726) (LP: #434833)
  - dbus client and server now follow name changes (LP: #439325) (LP: #434592)
  - Remember previous window size and position (LP: #422525)
  - Remember previous account tree splitter position
  - Remember previous input area size
  - Do not change input area height when resizing main window (LP: #422532)
  - Version themes to ensure only compatible themes are available
  - fix dict handling for facebook replies (LP: #436690)
  - facebook now uses pycurl instead of urllib2, fixes hangs (LP: #422864)
* debian/preinst:
  - Moved from debian/postinst and added version compare
* debian/control:
  - depend on python-pycurl, urllib2 was causing terrible problems
    with facebook (LP: #422864)
* New upstream snapshot - r449
  - Fixed notifications (LP: #421021)
  - Fixed time displayed in the messaging menu
  - Merged fix from James Ogley for retweets (LP: #423026)
  - Moved the indicator launcher to /usr/share (LP: #434097)
* debian/postinst:
  - remove the old indicator from /etc and remove the directory
    if it is empty
* New upstream snapshot - r436 (LP: #428109)
  - Fixed failure to refresh on start
  - Fixed default configuration not being applied (LP: #418058)
  - Fixed url shortening when resulting urls are more than 20 chars
  - Updated the indicator to use v2 of the libindicate API (LP: #428109)
  - Made the client launchable via dbus activation as well, enabling
    the daemon to launch it when clicked in the messaging menu
  - Bug fixes in the indicator (LP: #428112)
  - Raise the client window when select in the indicator (LP: #398713)
  - Add messaging menu launcher for gwibber (LP: #428110)
  - Fixed starting/stopping of the throbber while the daemon is performing
    operations (LP: #421655)
  - Show menu icons when it makes sense
* New upstream snapshot
  - Improved first run experience
  - Split backend and frontend into separate services
  - Added launcher used in the messaging indicator
* debian/control:
  * Bump minimum python version to >=2.6
  * Added Suggests for python-desktopcouch-records
  * Added Vcs-Browser
* fix LP: #389497 - "Do not depend on libwebkit directly"; dropping libwebkit
  dependency and replacing transitional python-webkitgtk with python-webkit
  in debian/control
* break long Depends: in multiple lines in debian/control
* fix LP: #366546 - "Gwibber missing dependency on python-glade2"; adjust Depends
  in debian/control accordingly
* snapshot 1.2.0~bzr346 fixes: LP: #304033
* New upstream snapshot
* Add python-mako to Depends
* Bah! libwebkit version is hard-coded in debian/control. Fix it for -2.
* No-change rebuild for libwebkit-1.0-1 -> libwebkit-1.0-2 transition.
* New upstream snapshot
* Add python-xdg to Depends
* Fix typo s/DATA__BASE_DIRS/DATA_BASE_DIRS/ causing startup issues

* debian/control: Improve long description
* Install gwibber manpage (LP: #364813)
  - debian/copyright: Update to include manpage license terms
  - debian/gwibber.manpages: Add manpage
* Initial release: 0.8 (as of lp:gwibber/1.0 #239)
* Packaging by Jorge O. Castro <email address hidden> and
  Fabien Tassin <email address hidden>

1371. By Ken VanDine

handle socket errors

1370. By Ken VanDine

Merged webaccounts branch

1369. By Ken VanDine

prepare for 3.5.2

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