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Ubuntu on EC2
Ubuntu on EC2

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1815. By Scott Moser

This branch is dead, keeping it for bug 818138 [1]
New branch is at lp:ubuntu-on-ec2/live-build/cloud-images

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr/+bug/818138

1814. By Ben Howard

Changed rsync handling to be better

1813. By Scott Moser

scripts/build/lb_cloud_remove_pkgs: LB_COUD_PKG_REMOVE to LB_CLOUD_PKG_REMOVE

1812. By Scott Moser

* Using updated kernel default flavours for sid also for wheezy.
* Adding live-manual to recommends.
* Adding initial live-build-cron package.
[ Richard Nelson ]
* Move lxde package-lists to use gdm3 instead of gdm.
* Remove lxde test on LB_TASKS for gdm so we now get gdm3.
[ Daniel Baumann ]
* Correct gdm/gdm3 handling, prefere gdm for squeeze as before and use
  gdm3 for everything else.
* Adding extlinux to rescue package list.
* Adding live-boot-doc to recommends.
* Adding live-config-doc to recommends.
* Correcting wrong chroot call in chroot_archives, only affecting
[ Daniel Baumann ]
* Using -wildcards option when calling mksquashfs with an excludes
[ Colin Watson ]
* Make --architectures armel only fail if --linux-flavours was not
  passed (Closes: #630464).
[ Daniel Baumann ]
* Renaming repositories option to archives for consistency with
  debian-policy terminology.
* Renaming chroot_sources script to chroot_archives for consistency
  with debian-policy terminology.
* Unifying config/chroot_archives and config/archives, now only using
* Setting default distribution to wheezy (at least until #622838 is
* Changing archives key suffix from .gpg to .key.
* Using .list suffix in config/archives.
* Unifying config/chroot_local-packagelists and config/binary_local-
* Moving internal global package lists from 'lists' to 'package-
  lists'. This is not a user visible change.
* Moving config/chroot_local-tasklists/*.list to config/task-
  lists/*.chroot.list, analogue to config/package-lists.
* Since we don't have global tasks anymore, renaming lb_chroot_local-
  tasklists to lb_chroot_task-lists.
* Since we don't have global packages anymore, renaming
  lb_chroot_local-packages to lb_chroot_packages and
  config/chroot_local-packages to config/chroot_packages.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix default for LB_PARENT_ARCHIVE_AREAS (Closes: #630604).
[ Daniel Baumann ]
* Correct rmdir call in top-level Makefiles uninstall target to not
  fail if there was no prior live-build installation.
* Adjust name of archives directory in config tree.
* Removing forgotten reference to chroot_packages in lb_chroot.
* Correct keyring packages temporary workaround to not fail when
  aptitude is selected (Closes: #630919).
* Making copyright file distribution neutral.
* Making copyright headers distribution neutral.
* Making help message about missing po4a in manpages makefile
  distribution neutral.

1811. By Ben Howard

Code reivew modifications for live-build generating cloud images

1810. By Daniel Baumann

Releasing debian version 3.0~a21-1.

1809. By Colin Watson

Add --initramfs-compression option (Closes: #627677).

1808. By Colin Watson

Divert flash-kernel aside while building the chroot (Closes: #630350).

1807. By Colin Watson

Add --swap-file-path and --swap-file-size options (Closes: #629637).

1806. By Daniel Baumann

Correct lb cleans source removals.

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