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77. By Chuck Short

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/rules: Properly create empty doc/build/man dir for builds that
  skip doc building
* debian/control: Set 'Conflicts: nova-compute-hypervisor' for the various
  nova-compute-$type packages. (LP: #975616)
* debian/control: Set 'Breaks: nova-api' for the various nova-api-$service
  sub-packages. (LP: #966115)

[ Chuck Short ]
* Resynchronize with stable/essex:
  - b1d11b8 Use project_id in ec2.cloud._format_image()
  - 6e988ed Fixes image publication using deprecated auth. (LP: #977765)
  - 6e988ed Populate image properties with project_id again
  - 3b14c74 Fixed bug 962840, added a test case.
  - d4e96fe Allow unprivileged RADOS users to access rbd volumes.
  - 4acfab6 Stop libvirt test from deleting instances dir
  - 155c7b2 fix bug where nova ignores glance host in imageref
* debian/nova.conf: Enabled ec2_private_dns_show_ip so that juju can
  connect to openstack instances.
* debian/patches/fix-docs-build-without-network.patch: Fix docs build
  when there is no network access.

76. By Chuck Short

New upstream release.

75. By Chuck Short

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/nova-console-monitor.patch: Disabled.
* debian/nova.conf: Removed console-monitor option.

74. By Chuck Short

* New Upstream release.
* debian/control: Conflict nova-vncproxy with novnc.

73. By Chuck Short

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/control: Remove unncessary nova-cert dependency from nova-api.
  (LP: #965356)
* debian/nova-common.postinst: Clean up spacing, remove redundant chown,
  set blanket 0700 nova.nova permissions on /etc/nova/
* debian/nova-compute-{kvm, lxc, uml, xen}.postinst: Set proper permissions
  on /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf (LP: #861459)
* debian/nova-common.postinst: Ensure default nova.sqlite database is not
* debian/{rules, nova-common.{install, postinst}}: Install api-paste.ini 0600
  with nova-common (in prepartion for proper nova-api-* package separation)
* debian/{nova-common.nova-manage.logrotate,
  nova-network.nova-dhcpbridge.logrotate, rules}: Add lograte files,
  override_dh_installlogrotate. (LP: #942646)
* Add manpage stubs for nova-api-ec2, nova-api-metadata,
  nova-api-os-{volume, compute}, nova-rootwrap. Use sphinx built manpage
  for nova-manage (nova-common.manpages)
* debian/nova-compute-{kvm, xen, uml, qemu}.postinst: Remove calls to
  adduser since this is already handled from nova-compute.postsinst in a
  vendor neutral way. Silences lintian errors regarding adduser dependency

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream version.
* debian/patches/libvirt-use-console-pipe.patch: Dropped.
* debian/patches/nova-console-monitor.patch: Add console-monitor
* debian/nova.conf: Enable use_console_monitor
* debian/patches/fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: Fix nova testsuite.
* debian/rules: fail package build if testsuite fails.
* debian/patches/validate_server_name_length.patch: Dropped no longer
* debian/patches/fix-docs-build-without-network.patch: Some docs need
  a network connection in order to build. Disable fetching docs from
  the internet.
* debian/patches/0001-fix-useexisting-deprecation-warnings.patch:
  Remove deprecated warnings with sqlalchemy.

[ Tyler Hicks ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: Denial of service via resource exhaustion in nova-api
  (LP: #968411)
  - debian/patches/validate_server_name_length.patch: Limit server names
    to a maximum of 255 characters to prevent nova-api log files from
    exhausting storage space. Based on upstream patch.
  - CVE-2012-1585

72. By Adam Gandelman

* debian/control: Add Breaks/Replaces to nova-consoleauth, update
  description, nova-console Recommends nova-consoleauth
* debian/nova-console.install: Remove nova-consoleauth

71. By Chuck Short

[ Adam Gandelman ]
[Chuck Short]
* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/libvirt-use-console-pipe.patch: Refreshed

[Adam Gandelman]
* debian/patches/libvirt-console.patch: Refresh
* debian/control: Split nova-consoleauth from nova-console into its own pkg
  (LP: #959289)
* debian/nova-console.upstart.in: Specify shell

70. By Adam Gandelman

[Adam Gandelman]
* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/libvirt-conosle-patch: Refresh
* debian/control: Fix descriptions of nova-{doc, cert} (LP: #942541)

[Paul Belanger]
* debian/control: python-nova depends on openssh-client (LP: #956177)

69. By Chuck Short

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* Refreshed libvirt-console-patch again.

[ Adam Gandleman ]
* debian/patches/{ec2-fixes.patch, libvirt-console-pipe.patch}: Fix and
  refresh. Add dep3 headers from original git commits.
* debian/patches/ec2-fixes.patch: Dropped. Merge upstream at 121537c3
* debain/{rules, nova-docs.doc}: Docs now built in doc/build/.
* debian/patches/libvirt-use-console-pipe.patch: Update use of
  instance['name'] instead of instance_name

68. By Chuck Short

[ Adam Gandleman ]
* debian/patches/libvirt-use-console-pipe.patch: Refreshed.
* debain/nova-volume.upstart.in: Ensure lock directory is created
  (LP: #940780)
* debain/control: Fix nova-compute-$flavor Depends
* debian/control: Add python-iso8601 to python-nova Depends

[ Chuck Short ]
* debian/rules: Fix FTBFS.
* Merge Ubuntu/Debian packaging:
  - Thanks to Julien Danjou, Ghe Rivero, and Thomas Goirand
  - debian/copyright: Update copyright file.
  - debian/nova-api.init, debian/nova-compute.init,
    debian/nova-network.init, debian/nova-objectstore,
    debian/nova-scheduler, debian/nova-volume.init:
    Synchronize init scripts.
  - nova-common.install, debian/rules: Install policy.json
  - debian/rules, debian/nova-xcp-network.install,
    debian/nova-xcp-plugins.install, nova-xcp-plugins.postrm,
    debian/nova-xcp-plugins.doc, debian/nova-xcp-plugins.postinst,
    debian/README.xcp_and_openstack, debian/control,
    Add Xen XCP support.
  - debian/control,
    debian/nova-compute-{kvm,lxc,qemu,xen,uml}.postinst: Make
    nova-compute a virtual package.
  - Dropped ubuntu_ubuntu_control_vars: We dont use it
* New upstream release.
* Dropped python-babel, it will be handled by langpacks.
* debian/patches/ec2-fixes.patch: Backport turnk fix for ec2
* debian/patches/path-to-the-xenhost.conf-fixup.patch: Refreshed.

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