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Recent revisions

8. By Barry Warsaw

Bump python version to 2.7 to fix FTFBS - LP: #835763

7. By Jakub Wilk

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix FTBFS because of Python LaTeX-based documentation tools no longer
  being shipped in python-dev (closes: #568048):
  + Build-depend on python and python-old-doctools (rather than on
  + Hardcode 2.5 as Python version in debian/patches/makefile.diff.

6. By Matthias Klose

Build-depend on python-old-doctools instead of python2.5-dev.

5. By Michael Bienia

Build with python 2.5 because of the needed tools to build the
Update debian/control and debian/patches/makefile.diff for this.

4. By Matej Vela <email address hidden>

* debian/rules: Fix quoting for dash; thanks to James Westby.
  Closes: #511699.
* debian/control: Add Homepage field.
* debian/control: Use ${misc:Depends} to placate Lintian.
* debian/copyright: Add copyright notice.
* debian/copyright: Note that the package is not in main and why.
* debian/copyright: Update upstream CVS location.
* debian/doc-base: Change section from Apps/Programming to
* debian/install: Remove brace expansion.
* Conforms to Standards version 3.8.0.

3. By Matej Vela <email address hidden>

* New upstream release.
* Switch to simple-patchsys.mk.

2. By Matej Vela <email address hidden>

Package split from python-ldap and moved to contrib due to its build
dependency on latex2html.

1. By Matej Vela <email address hidden>

Import upstream version 2.2.0

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