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205. By Rodrigo Moya

* debian/patches/00git_use_correct_sleep_timeout_when_disabled.patch:
  - Don't set gnome-session's idle-delay to 1 never (LP: #863038)

204. By Rodrigo Moya

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
57_use_nonsymbolic_keyboard_icon.patch: Use the non-monochrome
icon for the Keyboard panel (LP: #862027)

203. By Rodrigo Moya

* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on the libnm-gtk version that has the missing .pc file
* debian/patches/53_use_ubuntu_help.patch:
  - Remove extra '\' in Description: line
* debian/patches/12_add_never_turn_screen_off.patch:
  - Remove a code check that was preventing the 'Never turn off screen'
    option to be selected in the combo box (LP: #863038)

202. By Rodrigo Moya

[ Rodrigo Moya ]
* debian/patches/00git_show_search_view.patch:
  - Make sure we gtk_widget_show the search view (LP: #860950)
* debian/UbuntuLogo.png:
  - Use the correct version of the icon (LP: #860497)
* debian/control:
  - Add missing NetworkManager build dependencies (LP: #861443)
* debian/patches/12_add_never_turn_screen_off.patch:
  - Add back the "never turn screen off" option (LP: #862154)

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/patches/53_use_ubuntu_help.patch: Use gnome-help when running
  GNOME or GNOME Fallback (LP: #852911)

201. By Rodrigo Moya

[ Martin Pitt ]
* 11_power-configure_lid_action.patch: Only show the lid action widgets if
  there actually is a lid. (LP: #854525)

[ Rodrigo Moya ]
* debian/patches/00git_use_correct_sleep_timeout_when_disabled.patch:
  - Use the correct item in the combo boxes when sleep-when-inactive is
    disabled (LP: #860485)
* debian/gnome-control-center-data.install:
* debian/source/include-binaries:
  - Install UbuntuLogo.png
  - Remove missing files from Debian
* debian/patches/56_use_ubuntu_info_branding.patch:
  - Use Ubuntu branding in System info panel (LP: #860497)
* debian/patches/01_revert_dependency_on_libnm_gtk.patch:
  - Remove patch that reverted the dependency on libnm-gtk
* debian/control:
  - Build-depend on libnm-gtk-dev

200. By Rodrigo Moya

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/00git_handle_media_dialog_close.patch:
  - Handle media dialog closing consistently

199. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/90_force_fallback.patch:
  - Debian patch, disable the “forced fallback mode” switch, since
    we already provide a xsession file for it in gnome-session-fallback.
    The option is also incompatible with how sessions rare started in
    Debian or Ubuntu (using gnome-session --session) (lp: #825250)

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/patches/10_keyboard_layout_on_unity.patch: Fix capitalization
[ Rodrigo Moya ]
* debian/patches/10_keyboard_layout_on_unity.patch:
  - Use a different icon for region panel, since it was the same than
* debian/patches/04_add_theme_selection.patch:
  - Ignore not-installed themes (LP: #856824)
  - Add Adwaita to the list of available themes (only shown if installed)

198. By Michael Terry

[ Rodrigo Moya ]
* debian/patches/00git_use_gtk_widget_show.patch:
  - Use gtk_widget_show instead of _show_all in gnome_control_center_show
    (LP: #854544)
* debian/patches/00git_show_section_labels.patch:
  - Show the label for the category sections, which was being shown because
    of the gtk_widget_show_all replaced in previous commit

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/patches/04_add_theme_selection.patch: Use correct High Contrast
  theme names
* debian/patches/53_use_ubuntu_help.patch: Replaced

[ Michael Terry ]
* debian/patches/55_user_accounts_hide_controls.patch:
  - When not using GDM, hide certain controls in the User Accounts
    panel that only apply to it. (LP: #821766, LP: #821771)
  - When a user is using an ecryptfs home directory, do not allow
    the user to log in without a password

197. By Rodrigo Moya

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/01_revert_dependency_on_libnm_gtk.patch:
  - Revert git commit that makes it depend on (unreleased) libnm-gtk
* debian/patches/00git_disable_button_if_gcm_viewer_not_installed.patch:
* debian/patches/00git_fix_gcm_viewer_spawn.patch:
* debian/patches/53_use_ubuntu_help.patch:
* debian/patches/54_set_contrast_theme.patch:
  - Remove upstream patches
* debian/patches/07_make_window_wider.patch:
* debian/patches/50_ubuntu_systemwide_prefs.patch:
  - Rebased

196. By Martin Pitt

Add 11_power-configure_lid_action.patch: Add back configuration for lid
action. (LP: #792636, GNOME#659045)

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