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340. By Evan

* Correctly select the detected timezone (LP: #559647).
* Don't reboot on failure if we say we're not going to.
* Always run wrap_fix in its entirety, even if the width or height
  hasn't changed, as we may have switched text direction since the
  last run (LP: #560114).
* Properly align keyboard_test_label, which was getting cut off in RTL
  languages with the wrap_fix in place.

339. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* Don't configure the boot loader in oem-config. By definition, we've
  already succeeded in booting, and repeating the process is at best a
  no-op and at worst harmful.
* debconf frontend:
  - Make sure that progress bars are never nested, as this only works when
    using debconffilter (LP: #530027).
* Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup
  1.34ubuntu15, flash-kernel 2.13ubuntu17, hw-detect 1.73ubuntu4,
  migration-assistant 0.6.5, partman-auto 89ubuntu8, partman-partitioning

[ Roman Shtylman ]
* Fix for (LP: #568890) show all partitions in advanced dialog

338. By Evan

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Honor user-setup/force-encrypt-home (LP: #566552).
* Check for LTS in the release name (LP: #558488).
* Hide the keyboard query dialog when we encounter an error parsing
  the keymap decision tree (LP: #553087).
* Fix broken comparisons against boolean debconf values (LP: #567749).
* Return with the correct state value when a keyboard map is found
  (LP: #553087).
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: debian-installer-utils
  1.72ubuntu5, partman-auto 89ubuntu7, partman-base 139ubuntu6,
  partman-target 64ubuntu9, tzsetup 1:0.26ubuntu9, user-setup

[ Colin Watson ]
* Handle new partman/confirm_nooverwrite question properly (LP: #556373).

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* In OEM user config, don't change the last page's button to "Install"
  to avoid confusion.

337. By Evan

Use allow_change_step(False) from the KDE portions of the partman
component when necessary (LP: #563309).

336. By Oliver Grawert

add support for omap bootloader installation

335. By Evan

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Force garbage collection so we don't end up with stray X resources
  when we kill the X server (LP: #556555).
* Fix the Portuguese and Latvian translations of the variable name
  RELEASE (LP: #564517).
* Fix a missing closing bold tag in the Portuguese and Polish
  translations (LP: #564545).
* Fix labels not expanding vertically to fit their text (LP: #560114,
  LP: #557164, LP: #520898).
* Do not translate variable names in the Amharic translation
  (LP: #564582).
* Start the window manager via ck-launch-session so pulseaudio is
  granted access to the sound devices (LP: #549738).
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup
  1.34ubuntu14, flash-kernel 2.13ubuntu16, hw-detect 1.73ubuntu3,
  partman-auto 89ubuntu6, partman-base 139ubuntu5, partman-ext3
  58ubuntu3, partman-target 64ubuntu8, user-setup 1.28ubuntu6.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Break out of oem-config-firstboot's main loop if oem-config-wrapper
  succeeds (LP: #558593).
* Quit plymouth before starting either the emergency noninteractive
  ubiquity frontend in automatic mode, or oem-config's debconf frontend.
* Get a controlling terminal before starting bterm, as otherwise bterm
  won't reliably be able to take console input.

334. By Evan

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Remove unused install_bottom_eb from GTK frontend's install_window.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Catch invalid iterators in on_region_combo_changed (LP: #521851).
* Don't let not being able to talk to the system bus crash the entire
  language page.
* Translate the yes and no buttons on the quit dialog in the KDE
  frontend (LP: #561876).
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.103ubuntu7, choose-mirror 2.29ubuntu3, partman-base 139ubuntu4,
  partman-basicfilesystems 63ubuntu4, tzsetup 1:0.26ubuntu8.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Skip copy_wallpaper_cache when running as oem-config.
* Update finish-install.d/07oem-config-user for new location of KDE's
  oem-config-prepare .desktop file (LP: #557309).
* Restore translations for oem-config-check and oem-config-udeb, lost in
  oem-config merge.
* Display simple progress feedback using debconf-apt-progress while
  removing oem-config (LP: #558593).
* Write locale-gen output from ubiquity-dm to /var/log/installer/dm rather
  than to the console.
* Increase kernel flush times (dirty_writeback_centisecs to 3000, and
  dirty_expire_centisecs to 6000) during bulk data copying. Surbhi
  Palande suggests that this should make it easier for the kernel to pack
  blocks contiguously, speeding up ureadahead after installation.

[ Amichai Rothman ]
* Fix hang unless mouse is moved (LP: #556376)

333. By Colin Watson

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Only show the update link and release notes when a critical update
  is available (LP: #554570).
* Fix backing up to the language page in the KDE frontend (LP: #557225).
* Bring back the debconf translation for password_extra_label. The
  KDE frontend still uses it (LP: #557192).
* Fix a small typo that was preventing the duration string on the
  language page from being translated (LP: #551633).
* Fix backing up past partitioning when manual partitioning was
  selected (LP: #557210).
* Let the user know why we're starting a desktop session or rebooting
  when ubiquity in only mode crashes. If in automatic mode, the
  default is to reboot. Preseed ubiquity/reboot_on_failure to false
  to start a desktop session instead (LP: #558371).
* Make oem-config/install-language-support false by default. OEMs
  should only be turning this on if they've provided all the possible
  langpacks in oem-config/repository or can guarantee an Internet
  connection (LP: #539710).
* Call ubiquity/failure_command if we crash in only ubiquity mode.

[ Amichai Rothman ]
* Fix KDE frontend's slideshow links not working (LP: #540278)
* Fix KDE progress bar and skip button too small (LP: #555707)
* Fix KDE skip button appearing as full-width button at the
  bottom of the window and messing up dialog layout (LP: #540321)
* Fix progress bar updated file count out of range (LP: #550147)
* Fix progress title not shown during some configuration steps

[ Colin Watson ]
* Update handling of "Ready to install" etc. templates to account for the
  removal of the separate welcome page.
* KDE frontend:
  - Hide install_process_label ("installation process") and
    breadcrumb_install ("Install") when running as oem-config; providing
    alternative strings would break string freeze, and the UI should look
    OK without them (LP: #540929).
* GTK frontend:
  - Re-fetch translations before calling plugin_translate (LP: #552673).
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: partman-auto 89ubuntu5,
  tzsetup 1:0.26ubuntu7.

332. By Evan

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Move the install window color setting code closer to when the window
  is shown, so the colors don't get reset before then.
* Fix alpha warning being shown all the time with recent changes to
  the KDE frontend.
* Define allowed_change_step in the KDE frontend to fix the manual
  partitioner buttons not working (LP: #556180).
* Do not show the 'ready to install' or alpha warning text in the KDE
  frontend when in oem-config mode (LP: #556577).
* Update timezone images to cover changes to the Russian timezones and
  make further adjustments around UTC+5, UTC+5.5, and UTC+7
  (LP: #368060).
* Automatic update of included source packages: grub-installer

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Workaround PyQt unicode encoding error in ubi-console-setup.py, (LP: #556436)

331. By Mario Limonciello

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Update Kubuntu icon desktop/hi*-app-ubiquity.png for new logo

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Don't bail out if oem-config/remove_extras doesn't exist yet since
  oem-config isn't actually installed. (LP: #554324, LP: #554664)

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