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51. By Alexander Sack

[ Mirco Müller (MacSlow) <email address hidden> ]
* Make nm-applet correctly update a notification, if the connection-status
  has changed. This avoids displaying obsolete notifications to the user,
  which no longer reflect the correct connection-status. Fixes LP: #460144
  - add debian/patches/lp460144_correctly_update_notification.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

[ Chris Coulson <<email address hidden> ]
* Update bgo609134_lazy_icons.patch with the change actually committed
  to GIT

50. By Martin Pitt

Add bgo610881_lazy_init_notify_caps.patch: Defer querying notification
server capabilities until needed, to avoid starting notify-osd on desktop

49. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

[ Tony Espy <email address hidden> ]
* drop string change revert_* patches, as full SRU for Karmic
  was rejected.
  - remove debian/patches/revert_more_networks.patch
  - remove debian/patches/revert_disable_notifications.patch
  - remove debian/patches/revert_country_not_listed.patch
  - remove debian/patches/revert_cleartext_priv_keys.patch
  - remove debian/patches/revert_enable_broadband.patch
  - update debian/series

[ Mathieu Trudel <email address hidden> ]
* upstream release 0.8
  - core: add --help to explain what nm-applet is/does (rh #494641)
  - core: clearer failure message when an applet is already running
  - wired: don't crash when getting 802.1x settings from the user (rh #556763)
  - info: don't crash on various D-Bus property errors (rh #557007)
  - core: fix clearing secrets when updating connections
  - build: link nm-connection-editor with libm for ceil() (rh #541353)
  - gsm: fix secret requests when connection has multiple secrets
* bump build-depends to >= 0.8 to build with 0.8 final.
  - update debian/control

[ Michael Vogt <email address hidden> ]
* debian/rules, debian/icons/22/nm-active-device.png.uue:
  - install icon so that on upgrade the old applet can
    still find it and not error out (LP: #518760)

[ Sebastien Bacher <email address hidden> ]
* lazily load icons for using less cpu on login
  - add debian/patches/bgo609134_lazy_icons.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

48. By Tony Espy

* upstream snapshot 2009-11-12 07:27:27 (GMT)
  + 4162285fd7c53e8b684e1c1513a2ba6ce865e073

* upstream 0.8-rc1 release
    - applet: don't crash if we can't get some ActiveConnection attrs (rh: #545011)
    - editor: serialize PolicyKit auth requests (rh #462944) (LP: #462944)
    - applet: don't crash if wireless dialog goes away quickly (rh #542617)
    - eap: handle PEM files without and ending newline (rh #507315)
    - tls: require password-protected private keys
    - applet: fix connecting to system connections from wireless dialog
    - menu: show BT connections when no other devices available (rh #532049)
    - applet: don't assert when auto connections can't be made (rh #532680)
    - editor: fix various IP page tooltips (bgo #595287)
    - applet: fix animation issues
    - mobile-wizard: add a "My Country is not listed" option (rh #530981) (bgo #599705)
    - applet: fix issues with icon loading when panel is slow to resize (rh #529766)
    - applet: Connect to Hidden doesn't work for non-New networks (LP: #446394)
    - applet: nm-applet does not start at login (LP: #146896)

* upstream 0.8-rc2 release
  - editor: protect against invalid CEPolkitButton objects (rh #549579)
  - menu: ensure active menu item is valid before trying to use it (rh #546901)
  - editor: fix bad assignment
  - core: add "Enable Mobile Broadband" menu item
  - applet: escape notification text

[ Mathieu Trudel <email address hidden> ]
* updated device sensitive disconnect notification patch
  - update debian/patches/lp341684_device_sensitive_disconnect_notify.patch

[ Tony Espy <email address hidden> ]
* add logic to map '~rc' versions to '-rc' tag format used upstream. This
  allows the upstream tags to be used, while managing to keep the version
  numbers less than the final release version.
  - update debian/rules
* update build and runtime depends for network-manager to >= 0.8~rc2
  - update debian/control
* backout string changes in preparation for SRU
  - add deb/debian/patches/revert_more_networks.patch
  - add deb/debian/patches/revert_disable_notifications.patch
  - add deb/debian/patches/revert_country_not_listed.patch
  - add deb/debian/patches/revert_cleartext_priv_keys.patch
  - add deb/debian/patches/revert_enable_broadband.patch
  - update debian/series

47. By Alexander Sack

* upstream snapshot for karmic-RC 2009-10-14 13:45:32 (GMT)
  + 4033e623f7af571d38281f5fb6ab28a77bfe2220
  - core: don't crash if we can't get active connection properties from NM (LP: #430535)
  - gconf: restore 0.7 notification behavior defaults (LP: #444561)

46. By Alexander Sack

* upstream snapshot 2009-10-02 19:42:14 (GMT)
  + 8515a07e507847c4372fe8f95bddf57aea66acd5
* fixed upstream
  - LP: #285219 - Critical warning while running nm-connection-editor
  - LP: #442988 - network manager mobile broadband does not remember username
    and password
  - LP: #439956 - Cannot set manual IP and DNS with nm-connection-editor
  - LP: #438160 - nm-applet loses ipv4 configuration
  - LP: #431265 - Network Manager can't connect to hidden wireless networks
  - LP: #443049 - MASTER nm-connection-editor crashed with SIGSEGV in get_permissions_cb
  - LP: #438374 - Failure to retain edited MTU value
  - LP: #436839 - Disconnect menu option looks like wireless network

[ Tony Espy <email address hidden> ]
* drop wifi toplevel_sort patch that was committed upstream
  - delete debian/patches/wifi_toplevel_ap_sort.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* drop preview patch that was committed upstream
  - delete debian/patches/nm08-applet-preview.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* require network-manager and libnm-* >= 0.8~a~git.20090930t162132
  - update debian/control
* adjust patches to new upstream code base
  - update debian/patches/lp341684_device_sensitive_disconnect_notify.patch
* (re-)sort wifi toplevel AP list alphabetically before adding to menu
  - add debian/patches/toplevel_sort.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* rebuild against latest NM after padding additions to libnm-* APIs
  - update debian/control

45. By Alexander Sack

* LP: #436061 - fix nm-applet crash when no APs in proximity; drop assert on a GList, which
  explicitly can be NULL.
  - update debian/patches/nm08-applet-preview.patch
* LP: #436179 - nm-applet assert failure: ERROR:applet.c:481:applet_menu_item_favorize_helper:
  assertion failed: (favoritePixbuf); simply return with warning if favorize helper is invoked
  without a favorite pixbuf
  - update debian/patches/nm08-applet-preview.patch
* important UI tweaks for karmic beta: 1. don't use an icon to indicate favorites/known
  connections - the heart was just too ugly; 2. dont put "Active" separator above the
  current active connection; in turn we make the current AP bold; 3. increase xpadding for
  title items (e.g. Wireless Networks) to 10.0; 4. do not visualize all visible connections
  as active if a device is disconnected.
  - update debian/patches/nm08-applet-preview.patch

44. By Alexander Sack

* fix build failure because of compiler warnings due to uninitialized variable
  - update debian/patches/nm08-applet-preview.patch

43. By Alexander Sack

* fix build failure caused by missing build-depend for uudecode
  - update debian/control

42. By Alexander Sack

* upstream snapshot 2009-09-23 22:04:21 (GMT)
  + 1ac8ffd41a2d162d23713415cec6c3e96fbc3c82
  + new upstream UI for beta (prepatched) - LP: #435333
  + mini-abi transition respin for libnm-glib-vpn rename fixes LP: #435888

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* increase build-depend version requirements for network-manager bits to
  latest upstream (>= 0.8~a~git.20090923t064445)
  - update debian/control
* add new nm08 applet prepatch and add icons not shippable in diff manually
  using uudecode
  - add debian/patches/nm08-applet-preview.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
  - add debian/icons/22/nm-secure-lock.png.uue
  - update debian/rules

[ Mathieu Trudel <email address hidden> ]
* fix noisy output: use grep -q -c rather than just -c in GET_SOURCE etc.
  - update debian/rules
* add get-snapshot-info rule
  - update debian/rules
* make GET_SOURCE not go mad for git versions that use a different abbrev-id syntax
  - update debian/rules
* drop ellipsize patch, addressed libhal issues, superseded by the use of udev
  - delete debian/patches/lp341940_use_ellipsized_menu_entries.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

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