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218. By Martin Pitt

Add 44_xsession-errors_symlink.patch: Don't rename .xsession-errors to
.xsession-errors.old if the file is a symlink. The later code will
truncate the file to zero anyway, so even in that case the file won't grow
indefinitely. (LP: #771661)

217. By Alkis Georgopoulos

Initialize length for XdmcpFill, fixes XDMCP logins (LP: #697112)

216. By Martin Pitt

debian/gdm.upstart: Do not already fire on a framebuffer device. When a
real DRM driver gets loaded later on, X will be started too early to catch
it. Cherrypicked from packaging trunk r275. (LP: #615549)

215. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/95_git_name_escaping.patch:
  - updated to the current git version to fix escaping issues in the
    language selector list due the previous change
    (lp: #603097)

214. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/94_git_null_free_crash.patch:
  - git change to fix a crasher (lp: #403441)
* debian/patches/95_git_name_escaping.patch:
  - git change to fix escaping issues leading to crashes (lp: #499690),
    or to having incorrect usernames displayed (lp: #585128)

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/patches/30_don_t_save_failsafe_session.patch: (LP: #542345)
  - return FALSE instead of exiting on .desktop file without a comment

213. By Sebastien Bacher

* The 2.30.2 upstream version introduces new issues so basing a new stable
  updated on the current lucid version with selected changes for now,
  the new version can be uploaded again later once the issues are resolved
* debian/patches/90_git_run_init_script_before_autologin.patch:
  - git change to run the init scripts when autologin is enabled
    (lp: #586503)
* debian/patches/91_git_no_icons_watching.patch:
  - git change to not monitor the user icons, it creates issues with
    some configurations like autofs (lp: #562509) or nfs (lp: #518810)
* debian/patches/92_git_timed_login_user_selection.patch:
  - git change to correct selected the default timed login user (lp: #585574)
* debian/patches/93_git_a11y_label.patch:
  - git change to correctly set a11y labels

[ Martin Pitt ]
* 06_run_xsession.d.patch: Export $USERXSESSION, $USERXSESSIONRC, and
  $ALTUSERXSESSION, so that running the "custom"/"default" sessions actually
  works. Without those, /etc/X11/Xsession.d/50x11-common_determine-startup
  decides to run the system default session even if we have the
  "allow-user-xsession" option. This is a prerequisite for fixing LP#398300.

[ Robert Ancell ]
* debian/patches/16_gdmserver_user_manager.patch:
* debian/patches/24_system_uid.patch:
  - Update to match IncludeAll behaviour in greeter (LP: #471542)

212. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - Accessibility is now enabled by default for the GDM login screen.
  - When the face browser is disabled, the PAM conversation is started
    immediately, so users do not need to click a button to start entering
    the username and password. (GNOME #591082)
  - Add label-for and labelled-by a11y relations to the entry field in the
    login GUI. This makes the login GUI more accessible when using AT programs.
    (GNOME #613434).
  - Fixed bugs that were causing XDMCP to not show the greeter again after
    logout. (GNOME #606724).
  - The default XDMCP PingIntervalSeconds was increased from 15 to
    60 seconds.
  - The WINDOWPATH environment variable is now set for the user session.
    (GNOME #609272)
  - Ensure Init script is called when using Automatic Login. (GNOME #614488)
  - Fix race condition with Timed Login. (GNOME #614062)
  - Drop xhost localuser:gdm and localuser:root when the user session starts.
    (GNOME #605350)
  - Removed the icon monitor from the GDM login GUI since it was not functional
    and was causing problems with automounting user's $HOME directories.
    (GNOME #609321, LP: #518810)
  - Do not mark "%x" for translation. (GNOME #613306)
  - Remove duplicated strings for translation. (GNOME #609179)
  - Minor doc corrections.
  - Translation updates.
* 04_fix_external_program_directories.patch, 99_autoreconf.patch: Refresh
  for new upstream version.
* Add 34_disable_a11y_default.patch: Revert upstream change between 2.30.0
  and 2.30.1 to enable a11y by default. This wasn't tested and isn't
  appropriate for an SRU.
* 06_run_xsession.d.patch: Export $USERXSESSION, $USERXSESSIONRC, and
  $ALTUSERXSESSION, so that running the "custom"/"default" sessions actually
  works. Without those, /etc/X11/Xsession.d/50x11-common_determine-startup
  decides to run the system default session even if we have the
  "allow-user-xsession" option. This is a prerequisite for fixing LP#398300.
  Also update the patch tag header to comply to DEP-3.
* Add debian/xsession.desktop: Add a new session type "~/.xsession" which
  will run ~/.xsession (Exec=default will be interpreted by the
  20x11-common_process-args and 50x11-common_determine-startup Xsession.d
  scripts). If the admin sets "allow-user-xsession" to False, this will
  launch the system default session instead. (LP: #398300)

211. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* debian/patches/14_guest_session.patch:
  - enable switching to guest session corresponsding to current one (ie UNE if
    you are in UNE session and gnome if you are in GNOME session)
    (LP: #562908)

210. By Robert Ancell

* debian/patches/29_switch_user.patch:
  - Deselect user when cancelling user switch (LP: #532531)

209. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* debian/patches/09_gdmsetup.patch:
  - do not list users who have an encrypted home directory for autologin
    candidate (still some corner case, see code comment). (LP: #353446)

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