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104. By Michael Vogt

Cherry pick fixes from the lp:~mvo/apt/mvo branch:

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Remember hosts with general failures for
  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworklessInstallationFixes (LP: #556831).

[ Michael Vogt ]
* improve debug output for Debug::pkgPackageManager

103. By Michael Vogt

* cmdline/apt-get.cc:
  - fix crash when pkg.VersionList() is empty (LP: #556056)

102. By Michael Vogt

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* cmdline/apt-get.cc:
  - try version match in FindSrc first exact than fuzzy (LP: #551178)

[ Jean-Baptiste Lallement ]
* apt-pkg/contrib/strutl.cc:
  - always escape '%' (LP: #130289) (Closes: #500560)
  - unescape '%' sequence only if followed by 2 hex digit
  - username/password are urlencoded in proxy string (RFC 3986)

101. By Michael Vogt

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* apt-pkg/deb/debversion.cc:
  - consider absent of debian revision equivalent to 0 (Closes: #573592)
    LP: #540228
* cmdline/apt-get.cc, apt-pkg/cdrom.cc:
 - fix memory leaks in error conditions in DoSource()
* apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:
 - fix error message construction in OpenLog()

100. By Michael Vogt

* apt-pkg/indexfile.cc:
  - remove "cs" from languages that need the full langcode when
    downloading translations (thanks to Steve Langasek)

99. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* abicheck/
  - add new abitest tester using the ABI Compliance Checker from
* debian/apt.conf.autoremove:
  - add "oldlibs" to the APT::Never-MarkAuto-Sections as its used
    for transitional packages
* apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:
  - fix backgrounding when dpkg runs (closes: #486222)
* cmdline/apt-mark:
  - show error on incorrect aguments (LP: #517917), thanks to
    Torsten Spindler
* cmdline/apt-get.cc:
  - if apt-get source foo=version or foo/distro can not be found,
    error out (LP: #502641)
* apt-pkg/indexfile.cc:
  - deal correctly with three letter langcodes (LP: #391409)
* debian/apt.cron.daily:
  - do not look into admin users gconf anymore for the http proxy
    the user now needs to use the "Apply system-wide" UI in the
    gnome-control-center to set it
* debian/apt.postinst:
  - add set_apt_proxy_from_gconf() and run that once on upgrade if
    there is no proxy configured already system-wide (LP: #432631)
    From that point on gnome-control-center will have to warn if
    the user makes changes to the proxy settings and does not apply
    them system wide

[ Robert Collins ]
* Change the package index Info methods to allow apt-cache policy to be
  useful when using several different archives on the same host.
  (Closes: #329814, LP: #22354)

98. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* merged with the debian-sid branch

[ Ivan Masár ]
* Slovak translation update. Closes: #568294

97. By Michael Vogt

* cmdline/apt-cdrom.cc:
  - make Acquire::cdrom::AutoDetect default, this can be
    turned off with "--no-auto-detect"
* methods/http.cc:
  - add cache-control headers even if no cache is given to allow
    adding options for intercepting proxies

96. By Michael Vogt

* cmdline/apt-get.cc:
  - fix apt-get source pkg=version regression (closes: #561971)
* apt-pkg/contrib/cdromutl.cc:
  - fix UnmountCdrom() fails, give it a bit more time and try
    the umount again
* apt-pkg/cdrom.cc:
  - fix crash in pkgUdevCdromDevices
* methods/cdrom.cc:
  - fixes in multi cdrom setup code
  - add new "Acquire::cdrom::AutoDetect" variable that enables/disables
    the dlopen of libudev for automatic cdrom detection
* cmdline/apt-cdrom.cc:
  - add new --auto-detect option that uses libudev to figure out
    the cdrom/mount-point

95. By Michael Vogt

Change history branch so that it does not break the
apt ABI for the pkgPackageManager interface

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