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36. By Jonathan Nieder

* new upstream point release.
* debian/diff/0012-cvsserver-Determinize-output-to-...diff:
  new from upstream: sort cvsserver output to combat Perl 5.18
  hash randomization (thx Anders Kaseorg; closes: #727226).

35. By Jonathan Nieder

* merge branch debian-experimental.
* new upstream point release.
* debian/control: Build-Depends tcl instead of tcl8.5
  (closes: #725961).

34. By Jonathan Nieder

* new upstream release candidate.
  * switch de translation from pure German to German+English.
* debian/diff/:
  * 0012-Revert-git-stash-avoid-data-loss-when-....diff: new
    from upstream: stash: omit too-slow check for files
    replaced by directories before stashing.
  * 0013-Revert-Add-new-shortcut-for-HEAD.diff: new from
    upstream: treat "@" and names like "refs/heads/@/foo" as
    ordinary refnames again.
* debian/control: Vcs-Git: https://repo.or.cz/r/git/debian.git/
  (thx brian m. carlson; closes: #719932).
* debian/git.README.source: suggest developing against
* debian/watch: use xz-compressed tars from kernel.org again.

33. By Jonathan Nieder

* new upstream release candidate.
  * cat-file: do not split --batch input lines on whitespace
    (thx Joey Hess; closes: #718517).

32. By Jonathan Nieder

* new upstream release candidate.
* debian/watch: point to code.google.com again.
* debian/git.preinst:
  * check that targets in /var/cache/git/* exist when
    creating symlinks from /var/lib/git/ (thx Steve Cotton and
    Christoph Anton Mitterer; closes: #718411).
  * remove spurious '/var/lib/git/*' symlink from the upgrade
    to 1:1.8.4~rc0-1.

31. By Jonathan Nieder

* new upstream release candidate.
* use /var/lib/git instead of /var/cache/git as default git
  project root to comply with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  (thx Julian Gilbey; closes: #483788):
  * git-daemon.default, git-daemon.in, git-daemon/run: use
    base path of /var/lib and projectroot of /var/lib/git.
  * gitweb.conf: $projectroot = "/var/lib/git".
  * rules: package git: install empty /var/lib/git directory
    instead of /var/cache/git.
  * git.README.Debian, git-daemon-run.README.Debian,
    git-daemon-sysvinit.README.Debian, gitweb.README.Debian:
    update for the new project root.
  * git.preinst: install symlinks /var/lib/git/* ->
  * git.NEWS.Debian: advertise the change and explain how to
    adapt to it.
* update debian/copyright.

30. By Jonathan Nieder

new upstream point release (see RelNotes/

29. By Jonathan Nieder

* merge branch debian-experimental
* new upstream point release (see RelNotes/
* debian/watch: use xz-compressed tarballs from kernel.org.

28. By Jonathan Nieder

* debian/diff:
  * 0013...0030: new from the upstream 'master' branch: git svn:
    adapt to svn 1.7 changes:
    * normalize paths and URLs passed to Subversion (thx Michael G.
      Schwern; closes: #678137)
    * use correct "svn cp" syntax when checking git svn's mangling
      of @-signs in branch names (svn became stricter).
    * commit filetype changes between a regular file and symlink as
      replacement (deletion followed by addition) instead of
      modification of files. Otherwise, clients pulling the change
      with "svn update" hit an assertion failure (svn issue 4091).
  * 0031-git-svn-use-YAML-format-...diff: new from 1.7.11: git svn:
    use YAML format for mergeinfo cache when possible.
* debian/control: git-svn: Depends: libyaml-perl for platform- and
  version-independent .git/svn/.caches format; Build-Depends:
  libyaml-perl for tests (thx Tim Retout for the analysis; closes:

27. By Gerrit Pape <email address hidden>

new upstream point release (thx Jonathan Nieder).

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