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20. By Chris Halse Rogers

* Add missing GFDL licence for documentation
* Merge new upstream 1.2.11 release. (Closes: 782477)
* Cherry pick commit to check for, and prefer, libsystemd over
  libsystemd-login. (Closes: 779777)
* debian/libcolorhug2.symbols: Add new ch_device_close symbol.
* Remove no-longer-used colord.conf (Closes: 751212)
* Add new symbols to libcolord-private symbols file
* Add new functions to libcolorhug2 symbols file
* Add newly-introduced symbols to symbols file
* Update DEP8 control for libtool-bin split
* Output better logs on DEP8 failures
* Add colord-sensor-argyll package
* Disable strangely-failing DEP8 test

19. By Chris Halse Rogers

* New upstream stable release. Fixes unsafe pointer cast, so
  cd-create-profile no longer tries to allocate terabytes of
  memory on 64bit big-endiane machines. (Closes: 750013)
* Move (very slow) print-profile generation to build-indep rule.

18. By Martin Pitt

Actually upload to unstable. Yay sponsors who don't pay enough attention.

17. By Chris Halse Rogers

* New upstream stable release 1.0.6
* Bump Standards-Version (no changes required)

16. By Chris Halse Rogers

* New upstream stable release (LP: #1219108)
* Update watch file to pull stable 1.0.x releases rather than development
  1.1.x releases
* Update test-for-usb-db patch to apply to 69-cd-sensors.rules.in, rather
  than the generated 69-cd-sensors.rules file. (Closes: 717503)
* Clean up stale colord-sane dbus and bash-completion config files on upgrade.
  (Closes: 713854)
* Relax over-eager versioning on Breaks: colorhug-client. (Closes: 722588)
* Let adduser create /var/lib/colord for us. (Closes: 730476)
* Cherry pick b943e38b from upstream to fix colorhug unittests on USB-less
  hardware (such as found in the Ubuntu autopkgtest infrastructure).
* Now that colorhug unittests pass on USB-less hardware, re-enable them in
  the DEP 8 tests.

15. By Chris Halse Rogers

* New upstream stable release
* Disable colorhug test; fails without USB hardware
* Test for usb-db in udev rules before running it. (Closes: 717503)
* Use dh-systemd for upgrade/removal support. Thanks, Michael Stapelberg!
  (Closes: 715266)
* Fix upgrades from Wheezy with old colorhug-client installed.
  (Closes: 718015)
* Refresh symbols file for new upstream
* Remove no-longer used lintian hardening overrides

14. By Chris Halse Rogers

[ Pino Toscano ]
* Fix build on non-Linux architectures (Closes: 703423)

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* New upstream release (Closes: 711802)
* Update copyright file to match fixed sensor library copyrights
* Add new bash-completion build-dep
* Update libcolord symbols for new upstream
* Disable silent build rules
* Make autopkgtest test name policy compliant
* Differentiate libcolorhug1 description from libcolorhug-dev
* Add Valgrind dependency to DEP 8 tests
* Tighten version dependency on valac; needs >= 0.20 (Closes: 707348)
* Fix typo in debug message (Closes: 688654). Thanks, Christian T. Steigies!

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Fix Depends: syntax for DEP 8 tests

13. By Chris Halse Rogers

* debian/patches/one_shot_colord-sane:
  - Rework colord-sane to be run once per sane probe. This works around
    bugs in libsane and its plugins, which otherwise leak fds causing all
    manner of bad behaviour, such as high CPU usage. (Closes: 668325)
* debian/patches/initialise_gdbus_connection_sooner.patch:
  - Initialise connection variable from the bus_connected callback rather
    than the name_acquired callback. Fixes a race where colord could try to
    process a request before name_acquired was called, resulting in an

12. By Chris Halse Rogers

* debian/control:
  - Add libdbus-1-dev to build depends; the patches in 0.1.21-2 introduce a
    new dbus dependency, causing FTBFS on !linux archs (Closes: 689300).
    Thanks, Pino Toscano!

11. By Chris Halse Rogers

* debian/patches/also_sanitise_username_for_dbus.patch:
  - Sanitise username when used as a component of a DBus object path.
    Fixes crash in cd_device_register_object (Closes: 675852) (LP: #1021374)
* debian/patches/fix_colord-sane_dbus_threading.patch:
  - Initialise libdbus threadsafety in colord-sane. (Probably) fixes multiple
    crashes from colord-sane in libdbus (LP: #844286). Plausibly fixes other
    bad colord-sane behaviour, such as 100% CPU usage (Closes: 668325)
* debian/rules:
* debian/control:
  - Add dh_autoreconf to pick up the build system changes from
    fix_colord-sane_dbus_threading.patch and add all the various
    build-depends required.

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