Merge lp://staging/~ted/ubuntu-app-launch/reformat-all-the-things-doit into lp://staging/ubuntu-app-launch

Proposed by Ted Gould
Status: Work in progress
Proposed branch: lp://staging/~ted/ubuntu-app-launch/reformat-all-the-things-doit
Merge into: lp://staging/ubuntu-app-launch
Prerequisite: lp://staging/~ted/ubuntu-app-launch/reformat-all-the-things
Diff against target: 15480 lines (+7056/-6892)
36 files modified
application-failed.c (+61/-56)
application-job.c (+86/-81)
cgroup-reap-all.c (+43/-41)
desktop-hook.c (+464/-430)
exec-line-exec.c (+157/-138)
helpers-shared.c (+225/-224)
helpers.c (+631/-573)
helpers.h (+17/-34)
libubuntu-app-launch/app-info.c (+254/-223)
libubuntu-app-launch/application-impl-legacy.cpp (+2/-1)
libubuntu-app-launch/jobs-base.cpp (+11/-1)
libubuntu-app-launch/jobs-systemd.h (+4/-0)
libubuntu-app-launch/jobs-upstart.cpp (+4/-0)
libubuntu-app-launch/registry-impl.cpp (+4/-0)
libubuntu-app-launch/second-exec-core.c (+409/-401)
libubuntu-app-launch/snapd-info.cpp (+22/-22)
libubuntu-app-launch/snapd-info.h (+7/-7)
libubuntu-app-launch/ubuntu-app-launch.cpp (+1493/-1422)
libubuntu-app-launch/ubuntu-app-launch.h (+79/-101)
oom-adjust-setuid-helper.c (+99/-84)
socket-demangler.c (+96/-97)
tests/ (+116/-115)
tests/data-spew.c (+12/-14)
tests/ (+246/-269)
tests/ (+79/-80)
tests/ (+429/-407)
tests/ (+4/-0)
tests/ (+1384/-1485)
tests/mir-mock.cpp (+90/-79)
tests/socket-tool.c (+24/-21)
tools/ubuntu-app-info.cpp (+5/-3)
tools/ubuntu-app-usage.c (+174/-170)
ubuntu-app-test/src/ubuntu-app-test.cpp (+103/-100)
untrusted-helper-type-end.c (+51/-43)
xmir-helper.c (+81/-85)
zg-report-app.c (+90/-85)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp://staging/~ted/ubuntu-app-launch/reformat-all-the-things-doit
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
unity-api-1-bot continuous-integration Needs Fixing
Indicator Applet Developers Pending
Review via email:

Commit message

Reformat code based on current coding standards

Description of the change

This is running the tools in the previous branch. Should be all whitespace changes.

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review: Needs Fixing (continuous-integration)

Unmerged revisions

293. By Ted Gould

Run formatcode

292. By Ted Gould

Clean up CMake file

291. By Ted Gould

Make the generated -trace.c file in the generated list

290. By Ted Gould

Update to proper ubuntu-app-test source

289. By Ted Gould

Make sure to drop our local formatting

288. By Ted Gould

Merge trunk

287. By Ted Gould

Merge future trunk

286. By Ted Gould

Correct filename

285. By Ted Gould

Going into the global reformatting

284. By Ted Gould

Global formatting

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