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Martin Packman (community) Approve
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Add ppa support to

The current builders can have ppas, so we need to support this in lxc building too. I first tried apt-add-repository, but that added 35M's to the downloaded packages, and I was seeing apt async issues again. I decided to simply append the apt line to /etc/apt/sources.list. I also had to add --force-yes to the apt calls because the archive's key is not installed. Our golang and experimental PPAs have alternate packages for precise, so I tested this script like so: -v binary --ppa ppa:juju/golang ~/Downloads/juju-core_1.24-beta5-0ubuntu1~14.04.1~juju1.dsc ./ precise i386

I also addressed my concern about the lxc script doing cleanup. I moved the ownership and permission rules into python's flow control. I am very happy with the state of the workspace after a build completes (in both success and fail states).

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Martin Packman (gz) wrote :

Looks like a good step forward, provided you add some comments for the surprising aspects.

I don't get what was wrong with apt-add-repository, which would handle the key stuff and mean we didn't need --force-yes. I feel we should go back and work out what's up with command ordering later. So, a comment on the echo into sources.list and one on the ppa expansion seems reasonable.

review: Approve
188. By Curtis Hovey

Use a test USER.

189. By Curtis Hovey

Added comment about --force-yes.

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