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Proposed by Curtis Hovey
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Aaron Bentley (community) Approve
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Description of the change

Use new azure endpoints in the agent mirror.

We were surprised to see that the azure-arm provider didn't find the agent mirror during the release of 2.0-beta1. We had configured the test to require the mirror. The new azure provider uses the same regions as defined at

I assumed that the change to support azure-arm was to copy the new region-endpoint pairs from cloud-images to the templates we use to create agent mirrors. But I discovered that cloud-images does not have define pairs for the old endpoints.

I reviewed the code of 1.25 and see it does know about As can be seen in the debug retest of 1.25
1.25 is using the new endpoint to get images, and then uses the old endpoint to get agents.

Instead of adding new region-endpoint pairs, I updated the existing ones, then add the three new india regions. I want someone from Juju Core to also review this.

I suspect 1.25 works with old and new endpoints because the user's environments.yaml uses a matching region name. eg, users specify "US West". The new provider uses a different name for regions, but it knows to look for so it find cloud images. I believe then that in the case of old and new azure providers, region *or* endpoint is used to locate the mirror. My change ensures both providers have an match to locate the agent mirror.

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Use the new azure endpoints to match the azure mirrors

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