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63. By Michał Sawicz

Mark libapparmor1 Mutli-Arch: same

62. By Jamie Strandboge

no change rebuild for perl 5.18

61. By Jamie Strandboge

0077_aa-status-is-bilingual.patch: aa-status was written to work with
python 2 or 3. Upstream is still using 2, so adjust ours to use
/usr/bin/python3 to avoid pulling python 2 back to the desktop images

60. By Tyler Hicks

[ Tyler Hicks ]
* debian/patches/0059-dbus-rules-for-dbus-abstractions.patch: Add an
  abstraction for the accessibility bus. It is currently very permissive,
  like the dbus and dbus-session abstractions, and grants all permissions on
  the accessibility bus. (LP: #1226141)
* debian/patches/0071-lp1226356.patch: Fix issues in parsing D-Bus and mount
  rules. Both rule classes suffered from unexpected auditing behavior when
  using the 'deny' and 'audit deny' rule modifiers. The 'deny' modifier
  resulting in accesses being audited and the 'audit deny' modifier
  resulting in accesses not being audited. (LP: #1226356)
* debian/patches/0072-lp1229393.patch: Fix cache location for .features
  file, which was not being written to the proper location if the parameter
  --cache-loc= is passed to apparmor_parser. This bug resulted in using the
  .features file from /etc/apparmor.d/cache or always recompiling policy.
  Patch thanks to John Johansen. (LP: #1229393)
* debian/patches/0073-lp1208988.patch: Update AppArmor file rules of UNIX
  domain sockets to include read and write permissions. Both permissions are
  required when a process connects to a UNIX domain socket. Also include new
  tests for mediation of UNIX domain sockets. Thanks to Jamie Strandboge for
  helping with the policy updates and testing. (LP: #1208988)
* debian/patches/0075-lp1211380.patch: Adjust the audio abstraction to only
  grant access to specific pulseaudio files in the pulse runtime directory
  to remove access to potentially dangerous files (LP: #1211380)

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/patches/0074-lp1228882.patch: typo in ubuntu-browsers.d/multimedia
  (LP: #1228882)
* 0076_sanitized_helper_dbus_access.patch: allow applications run under
  sanitized_helper to connect to DBus

59. By Martin Pitt

Add 0070-etc-writable.patch: Allow reading time configuration from
/etc/writable, as we have it on the phone. (LP: #1227520)

58. By Jamie Strandboge

[ Tyler Hicks ]
* Move the aa-exec man page out of apparmor-utils into apparmor, since
  aa-exec is now in apparmor
  - debian/control: adjust Breaks/Replaces to use apparmor-utils
    (<< 2.8.0-0ubuntu28)
  - debian/apparmor.manpages: install the aa-exec man page
  - debian/apparmor-utils.manpages: don't install the aa-exec man page
* debian/patches/0065-lp1220861.patch: Always NUL-terminate confinement
  context strings returned from libapparmor (LP: #1220861)
* debian/patches/0066-lp1196880.patch: Don't assign mode pointer in
  aa_getprocattr() if caller passed in NULL (LP: #1196880)
* debian/patches/0067-libapparmor-mode-strings-are-not-to-be-freed.patch:
  Update man page and code comments to make it clear that freeing the *con
  string returned from libapparmor's getcon functions also frees the *mode
* debian/patches/0068-libapparmor-mention-dbus-method-in-getcon-man.patch:
  Document the D-Bus method, in the aa_getcon man page, that returns the
  AppArmor task confinement string of a D-Bus connection

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/patches/0069-p11kit-abstraction.patch: p11-kit needs access to

57. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/apport/source_apparmor.py: AppArmor logs DBus messages to syslog,
adjust apport hook to also search there for denials

56. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/patches/0064-lp1218099.patch: add support for variable expansion in
dbus rules (LP: #1218099)

55. By Tyler Hicks

[ Tyler Hicks ]
* Add support for mediation of D-Bus messages and services. AppArmor D-Bus
  rules are described in the apparmor.d(5) man page. dbus-daemon will use
  libapparmor to perform queries against the AppArmor policies to determine
  if a connection should be able to send messages to another connection, if
  a connection should be able to receive messages from another connection,
  and if a connection should be able to bind to a well-known name.
  - 0042-Fix-mount-rule-preprocessor-output.patch,
    Backport parser and libapparmor pre-requisites for D-Bus mediation
  - 0049-parser-Update-man-page-for-DBus-rules.patch: Update apparmor.d man
  - 0050-parser-Add-support-for-DBus-rules.patch,
    0052-parser-Binary-profile-equality-tests-for-DBus-rules.patch: Add
    apparmor_parser support for D-Bus mediation rules
  - 0053-libapparmor-Export-a-label-based-query-interface.patch,
    debian/libapparmor1.symbols: Provide the libapparmor interface necessary
    for trusted helpers to make security decisions based upon AppArmor
  - 0054-libaalogparse-Parse-dbus-daemon-audit-messages.patch,
    0055-libaalogparse-Regression-tests-for-dbus-daemon-audit.patch: Allow
    applications to parse denials, generated by dbus-daemon, using
    libaalogparse and add a set of regression tests
  - 0056-tests-Add-an-optional-final-check-to-checktestfg.patch,
    0058-tests-Add-regression-tests-for-dbus.patch: Add regression tests
    which start their own dbus-daemon, load profiles containing D-Bus rules,
    and confine simple D-Bus service and client applications
  - 0059-dbus-rules-for-dbus-abstractions.patch: Add bus-specific, but
    otherwise permissive, D-Bus rules to the dbus and dbus-session
    abstractions. Confined applications that use D-Bus should already be
    including these abstractions in their profiles so this should be a
    seamless transition for those profiles.
* 0060-utils-make_clean_fixup.patch: Clean up the Python cache in the
  AppArmor tests directory
* 0061-profiles-dnsmasq-needs-dbus-abstraction.patch: Dnsmasq uses the
  system D-Bus when it is started with --enable-dbus, so its AppArmor
  profile needs to include the system bus abstraction
* 0062-fix-clone-test-on-arm.patch: Fix compiler error when building
  regression tests on ARM
* 0063-utils-ignore-unsupported-rules.patch: Utilities that use the
  Immunix::AppArmor perl module, such as aa-logprof and aa-genprof, error
  out when they encounter rules unsupported by the perl module. This patch
  ignores unsupported rules.

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/control: don't have easyprof Depends on apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu

54. By Tyler Hicks

* 0040-libapparmor-support-pkg-config.patch: Make it easier for other
  sources to build against libapparmor with pkg-config
  - debian/control: Add pkg-config as a Build-Depends
  - debian/libapparmor-dev.install: Install libapparmor pkg-config file
* 0041-parser-fix-flags.patch: Minimal fix for cache failures when the
  feature file is larger than the feature buffer used for cache version

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