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Proposed by Chris Johnston
Status: Merged
Approved by: Chris Johnston
Approved revision: 364
Merged at revision: 389
Proposed branch: lp://staging/~qa-dashboard/qa-dashboard/adding-view-based-breadcrumbs
Merge into: lp://staging/qa-dashboard
Diff against target: 1771 lines (+781/-274)
24 files modified
bootspeed/templates/bootspeed/nav.html (+1/-1)
bootspeed/ (+72/-0)
common/ (+183/-0)
common/static/css/style.css (+67/-0)
common/templates/layout.html (+16/-1)
eventstat/templates/power/eventstat/arch_breakdown.html (+0/-6)
eventstat/templates/power/eventstat/image_details.html (+0/-6)
eventstat/templates/power/eventstat/task_details.html (+0/-16)
eventstat/templates/power/eventstat/task_overview.html (+0/-6)
eventstat/templates/power/eventstat/upgrade_details.html (+0/-6)
eventstat/ (+158/-69)
idle_power/ (+30/-0)
memory/templates/memory/machine_details.html (+0/-20)
memory/templates/memory/machine_results.html (+0/-5)
memory/ (+102/-10)
power/ (+1/-1)
power/ (+59/-42)
qa_dashboard/ (+3/-3)
smoke/templates/smoke/build_overview.html (+0/-14)
smoke/templates/smoke/result_logs.html (+0/-25)
smoke/templates/smoke/results.html (+0/-22)
smoke/ (+69/-6)
sru/templates/sru/overview_kernel.html (+0/-13)
sru/ (+20/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp://staging/~qa-dashboard/qa-dashboard/adding-view-based-breadcrumbs
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Andy Doan (community) Approve
Chris Johnston Needs Resubmitting
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Add breadcrumbs across the dashboard

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Andy Doan (doanac) wrote :

issue 1: - use build number instead of date in the crumb. while you are in there you can also change the page title to include variant, arch, and type

Revision history for this message
Andy Doan (doanac) wrote :

I think we missed some stuff earlier: capitalize the first letter of:
827 + "upgrade details"
884 + "task details",
909 + "task details",
993 + "detailed view",
1201 + "machine upgrade results",
1256 + "machine upgrade details",
1591 + "image {build_number}"

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Chris Johnston (cjohnston) :
review: Needs Resubmitting
Revision history for this message
Andy Doan (doanac) :
review: Approve

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