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Openstack Ubuntu Testers
OpenStack Compute (nova)

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566. By Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot

* Automated Ubuntu testing build:
* [5b0917a] Fix quantum nic allocation when only portid is specified
* [f29ecba] Make tenant_usage fall back to instance_type_id
* [ff4e9a2] Use format_message on exceptions instead of str()
* [ec13d84] Add a format_message method to the Exceptions
* [7e4fec6] List AZs fails if there are disabled services
* Automated Ubuntu testing build:
* [34a321f] Adding netmask to dnsmasq argument --dhcp-range
* [ff4e9a2] Use format_message on exceptions instead of str()
* [ec13d84] Add a format_message method to the Exceptions
* [7e4fec6] List AZs fails if there are disabled services
* [1fa7879] Always store old instance_type during a migration
* [eb90ad4] Reset ec2 image cache between S3 tests.
* [34126d3] Fix /servers/<instance-id>os-security-groups using quantum
* [d7dcc5d] Fixes Nova API /os-hosts missing element "zone"
* [9bfad01] translate cinder BadRequest exception
* [94a5f21] nova-manage vm list fails looking 'instance_type'
* [f5b03f4] Don't log traceback on rpc timeout.
* [ddff770] Update instance network info cache to include vif_type.
* [9894358] Pass project id in quantum driver secgroup list
* [c8cb579] Remove unnecessary DB call to find EC2 AZs.
* [e547005] Add caching for ec2 mapping ids.
* [2df099a] Fixes passing arbitrary conductor_api argument
* [b93de10] Import latest openstack.common.setup
* [817bdeb] Sync lockutils from oslo-incubator stable/grizzly.
* [8cab8ed] Initialize compute manager before loading driver.
* [040640c] Make _downsize_quota_delta() use stashed instance types
* [b9a3e79] fix add-fixed-ip with quantum
* [32cd2fe] Update the network info when using quantum.
* [2b7caba] Refactor db.service_destroy and db.service_update methods
* [ac0c8d4] Add missing tests for db.virtual_interface_* methods
* Automated Ubuntu testing build:
* No change rebuild.

565. By James Page

d/control: Promote novnc and websockify to Depends for
nova-novncproxy (LP: #1066845).

564. By Chuck Short

releasing version 1:2013.1~rc1-0ubuntu1

563. By Chuck Short

Add sqlite3 required for the testsuite.

562. By Adam Gandelman

Patch refresh.

561. By James Page

d/watch: Update uversionmangle to deal with upstream versioning
changes, remove tarballs.openstack.org.

560. By Chuck Short

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/avoid_setuptools_git_dependency.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/control: Clean up dependencies:
  - Dropped python-gflags no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-daemon no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-glance no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-lockfile no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-simplejson no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-tempita no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-xattr no longer needed.

559. By Chuck Short

releasing version 2013.1.g3-0ubuntu1

558. By Chuck Short

debian/control: Suggest sysfsutils, sg3-utils, multipath-tools for fibre
channel support.

557. By Chuck Short

debian/control: Add python-oslo-config as a dependency.

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