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78. By Soren Hansen

Merge with Ubuntu packaging.

77. By Chuck Short

Fix bad merge

76. By Chuck Short

* New upstream version.
* debian/control: Add python-crypto as a build dependency.
* debian/glance-api.install: Add policy.json
* New upstream release.
* debian/glance-api.install, glance-registry.install: Install
  new paste configs that have been split among servers.

* New upstream release.
* Drop debian/pyversions.
* debian/glance-api.logrotate, debian/glance-registry.logroate:
  Add logrotate files. (LP: #904216)
* Update vcs information.
* Fix up some lintian warnings.

* debian/control: Drop python-support from Build-Depends
* debian/python-glance.postinst: Removed. python-support is needed
  for update-python-modules but not a dependency. Let dh_python2
  generate instead. (LP: #907543)
* python-glance.postinst: Remove, obsolete call to update-python-modules.
* debian/glance-registry.postinst: Fix typo in postinst.
* New upstream release.
* Merge upstream debian packaging changes.
* debian/*.upstart: Move upstart jobs to the approiate packages.
* debian/glance-api.postinst, debian/glance-registry.postinst:
  Move configuration into glance-common.postinst, because it was
  doing the same thing.
* debian/glance-common.prerm: Dropped, remove cruft.
* debian/glance-api.prerm: Fixed bashism.
* debian/glance-registry.prerm: Fixed bashism.
* debian/glance-common.postinst: Change shell back to /bin/false.
* debian/glance.dirs, debian/glance-common.dirs: Merged, removed
  unecessary glance.dirs.
* debian/control: Re-add missing python-dependencies.
* debian/glance-registry.postinst: Create the database when installing
* debian/glance-common.postin: Re-add approiate permissions.
* debian/glance.postinst: Specify shell when migrating sqllite
  database as glance user. (LP: #902429)
* debian/glance.postinst, debian/glance.glance-api.upstart,
  glance.glance-registry.upstart: Switch shell to /bin/false.
  (LP: #890362)
* debian/control: Add dependencies previously removed from python-glance
  to glance package where they are actually required. (LP: #899970).
* New upstream release.
* Removes now-unnecessary dependencies from client package
* Rewrote the description for the Glance project to remove
  ancient language about Teller and Parallax.
* New upstream version.
* New upstrem release.
* New upstream release.
* Sync with upstream changes.
* New upstream release.
* Dropped patches:
  - debian/patches/lp_845788_glance_client_zero_length.patch
  - debian/patches/lp_850425_remote_swift_image_streaming.patch
* debian/control:
  - Add dependency on python-httplib2. (LP: #779311)
  - Add dependency on python-paste.
* debian/patches/sql_conn.patch: Updated for update config file.
* debian/glance.install: Update for new config files.
* debian/glance.postinst: Restrict permissions of /etc/glance/ and
  /var/log/glance/ (LP: #862844)
* fix bug with glance and swift driver that resulted in zero length
  images. (LP: #845788)
* Make streaming images from swift actually usuable.
  (LP: #850425)

75. By Chuck Short

Add dependencies previously removed from client package to glance-common,
where they are required for glance-{api,registry}

74. By Chuck Short

Split glance package into glance-common, glance-api, glance-registry.
(LP: #901804)

73. By Chuck Short

* debian/glance.postinst: Add glance group and add glance user to it.
  (LP: #851860)
* Only remove user/group in .postrm if they exist. (LP: #857021)

72. By Chuck Short

* New upstream release
* Removes now-unnecessary dependencies from client package
* Rewrote the description for the Glance project to remove
  ancient language about Teller and Parallax
* Added a patch to update the paste entrypoint for the v1app

71. By Chuck Short

Dropped python-git, not needed

70. By Chuck Short

* Remove useless python-argparse dependency
* Version python-httplib2 dependency (LP: #884805)
* Add python-crypto dependency (LP: #887225)

69. By Chuck Short

Install files in /etc/*.

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