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3659. By ogmaciel

Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

3658. By dcbw

2008-10-21 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/NetworkManagerPolicy.c
  - (update_etc_hosts): don't leak errors, and ensure that
   g_file_set_contents() gets a valid error placeholder (rh #461933)

3657. By dcbw

2008-10-21 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/nm-manager.c
  - (free_get_settings_info): don't use the DBusGProxy which could be
   disposed of by the time the function is called
  - (internal_new_connection_cb): save connection scope
  - (connection_get_settings_cb): don't replace a connection unless it's
   actually different from the existing one; fixes an issue where
   killing the settings service wouldn't deactivate an active connection
   provided by that settings service, because it was using a connection
   that had already been replaced in the system or user hash

3656. By dcbw

2008-10-21 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/NetworkManager.c
  - (main): keep the DHCP manager around since it's a singleton; fixes
   a use-after-free exposed by r4196 since the DHCP manager singleton
   variable isn't cleared when the DHCP manager object is finalized

3655. By dcbw

2008-10-20 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * libnm-util/nm-setting-wireless-security.c
  - (verify): accept 'none' as a pairwise cipher with Ad-Hoc WPA connections

3654. By dcbw

2008-10-20 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-config.c
  - (ADD_STRING_LIST_VAL): don't add empty values to the supplicant config

3653. By dcbw

2008-10-20 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-manager.c
  - (nm_dhcp_manager_get): fix mismatched refcount; creating the dhcp
   manager object already refs it once
  - (nm_dhcp_manager_cancel_transaction_real): clear freed variables that
   also get cleaned up by nm_dhcp_device_destroy() to prevent

3652. By dcbw

Unref the proxy a bit earlier in vain hope of fixing segfaults on shutdown

3651. By dcbw

2008-10-20 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/nm-manager.c
  - (initial_get_connections): use private dbus manager, don't keep
   ref-ing the singleton. Fixes mismatched refcounts of the dbus
   manager object.

3650. By iharh

Updated Belarusian Latin translation.

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