Merge ~fourdollars/ubiquity:master into ubiquity:master

Proposed by Shih-Yuan Lee
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Iain Lane
Merged at revision: 34d999a214f66e751c1e35924919c7dfa099c95a
Proposed branch: ~fourdollars/ubiquity:master
Merge into: ubiquity:master
Diff against target: 81 lines (+21/-2)
3 files modified
debian/changelog (+7/-0)
ubiquity/plugins/ (+8/-2)
ubiquity/plugins/ (+6/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Iain Lane (community) Approve
Shih-Yuan Lee (community) Needs Resubmitting
Steve Langasek Needs Fixing
Review via email:
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Steve Langasek (vorlon) :
review: Needs Fixing
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Shih-Yuan Lee (fourdollars) :
review: Needs Resubmitting
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Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

Thanks. I'm going to merge this MP with Woodrow's, and show the 'alongside' option when we detect BitLocker partitions (it then leads to the new page).

I'll mark this as manually merged!

review: Approve

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