Merge lp://staging/~cr3/ubuntu/lucid/checkbox/0.9.2 into lp://staging/ubuntu/lucid/checkbox

Proposed by Marc Tardif
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp://staging/~cr3/ubuntu/lucid/checkbox/0.9.2
Merge into: lp://staging/ubuntu/lucid/checkbox
Diff against target: 822 lines (+253/-247)
20 files modified
backend (+12/-3)
checkbox/ (+1/-1)
checkbox/ (+3/-2)
checkbox/ (+7/-2)
debian/changelog (+17/-0)
debian/control (+1/-0)
jobs/ (+1/-2)
jobs/ (+1/-1)
jobs/ (+1/-0)
plugins/ (+15/-17)
plugins/ (+33/-0)
plugins/ (+2/-1)
plugins/ (+2/-2)
po/checkbox.pot (+10/-10)
scripts/ansi_parser (+2/-1)
scripts/device_list (+0/-168)
scripts/disk_test (+0/-33)
scripts/run_templates (+142/-0)
scripts/suspend_test (+2/-3)
scripts/udev_resource (+1/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp://staging/~cr3/ubuntu/lucid/checkbox/0.9.2
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Mathias Gug Needs Fixing
Review via email:
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Mathias Gug (mathiaz) wrote :

In order to get this branch uploaded to lucid a proper SRU is required:

 1. debian/changelog: the target should be lucid-proposed instead of lucid.

 2. Every bug attached to the SRU proposal should be turned into a proper SRU report as outlined in

review: Needs Fixing
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Mathias Gug (mathiaz) wrote :

The bug list may be trimmed to fix only high-impact bugs and get the SRU published earlier.

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hawthornso23 (hawthorn) wrote :

What is happening with this. Bug 553328 is serious and potentially shortens the life of hardware. It leaves a CPU perpetually running at 100% until the next reboot (even logout/login wont stop it). Users of an LTS in particular often go months between reboots. I've just discovered that I have apparently been running a CPU at 100% for several weeks. No wonder it was running hot!

There seems to have been no activity here for six months. Is there a way of injecting more urgency into this process?

Unmerged revisions

16. By Marc Tardif

New upstream release (LP: #567568):
* Added referer when sending submissions to Launchpad (LP: #550973)
* Added suggests to checkbox package in debian/control file (LP: #352740)
* Fixed udev_resource script to be more resilient (LP: #556824)
* Fixed cdimage_resource script to read casper.log (LP: #558728)
* Fixed reporting all resources found for a job (LP: #560948)
* Fixed stalling when using kdesudo to start backend (LP: #557443)
* Fixed starting the appropriate default browser on UNR (LP: #563050)
* Fixed ansi_parser script when outputting to stdout (LP: #560952)
* Fixed opening the report with the gconf preferred browser (LP: #562580)
* Fixed suspend_test to use relative time for wakealarm (LP: #349768)
* Fixed backend not getting terminated upon closing (LP: #553328)

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