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lp://staging/~bhill/epics-base/ca-vararray-zero-pad-in-client (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2016-07-19 08:38:22 UTC
12744. Fixed bad merge that brought in some ...

Author: Bruce Hill
Revision Date: 2016-07-19 08:38:22 UTC

Fixed bad merge that brought in some 3.14.12 code.

lp://staging/~bhill/epics-gateway/epics-gateway-preempt 1 Development 2014-08-15 06:29:48 UTC
184. The changes in this checkin were done...

Author: Bruce Logan Hill
Revision Date: 2014-08-15 05:15:11 UTC

The changes in this checkin were done by Sheng Peng in an effort
to run the gateway using a preemptive channel access callback context.
I have very little specific info on the testing other than to say we ran it
on several gateways for a few weeks.

There were a few anecdotal reports of better throughput, but we also
had it crash 5 times over 9 days and switched to using a gateway version
using non-preemptive ca with file descriptors via USE_FDS.

This needs more work, possibly changing to using the multi-threaded CA
server, as the only multi-threaded portion of this version is the CA client side
which spawns two threads per connection. We probably need some mutex protection
in the callbacks as well to prevent crashes.

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