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Keenan Lang (klang) wrote :

>Keenan Lang is working to release synApps 6.1 by the end of May (see his question at, but I don't know if that is intended to support EPICS 7

I don't think this release will officially support EPICS 7, but I am definitely going to try to start getting all of our code compliant with newer versions. That's what ended up finding this issue as I was updating some of my own code for the changes to links.

>I understand this seems like a rush, but a synApps release strikes me as a good reason to try and get this fix included.

Since the whole of synApps isn't likely to use EPICSv7 at least for the next year or more, there's not really a rush. The only IOC's going in that use it will be for specific areaDetector cameras and they don't really use the record types affected.

>What is the bug?

Record types that are based off of calcout can no longer have a constant value written to their input fields and have the value of the correct data field change. For example, writing '5' to a calcout's INPA field no longer changes the A field to 5. This affects the calcout, aCalcout, sCalcout, transform, and luascript records.

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