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Andrew Johnson (anj) wrote :

@Dirk That does sound like exactly the issue that I was working on fixing. My proposal for the fix was questioned by the other Core developers with the concerns described above, but due to the demands of my APS Upgrade development work I just haven't had time to address them yet. If you have time to pick this up I'd be very happy for you to do that.

There is one merge/rebase conflict in dbAccess.c which needs an understanding of both this branch and the other changes that have happened for it to be fixed (replacing pdbaddr with chan in the call to dbAddLink()), that will probably require some additional changes outside of the conflicting area. I suggest you first rebase this branch onto 7.0 and resolve that issue, then push it to your GitHub repo. Once you've started a PR there instead I will close this MR – the ability to review code and make comments works much better there.

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