Merge lp://staging/~abentley/juju-release-tools/fix-lint into lp://staging/juju-release-tools

Proposed by Aaron Bentley
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 222
Proposed branch: lp://staging/~abentley/juju-release-tools/fix-lint
Merge into: lp://staging/juju-release-tools
Diff against target: 445 lines (+347/-12)
7 files modified
.bzrignore (+1/-0) (+2/-2) (+5/-6) (+106/-0) (+3/-2)
tests/ (+228/-0) (+2/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp://staging/~abentley/juju-release-tools/fix-lint
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Curtis Hovey (community) code Approve
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Commit message

Implement generate-simplestreams.

Description of the change

This branch implements generate_simplestreams, a generic facility for generating simplestreams.

It is based on simplestreams tools/tab2streams, and intended to eventually be merged into simplestreams.

It is a prerequisite for stanzas_to_streams, which is what use for generating streams.

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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) wrote :

Thank you. I think the call to utils.mdir_p is odd, but I see where it comes from. This is fine to land.

review: Approve (code)

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