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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
lp://staging/~blue-shell/kdebase-workspace/tasks-qml 1 Development 2013-04-25 16:51:27 UTC
47533. fix a capitalization typo: do not los...

Author: Ignat Semenov
Revision Date: 2013-04-25 16:51:27 UTC

fix a capitalization typo: do not lose the showToolTip setting

lp://staging/~jameinel/kdebase-workspace/svn-trunk 1 Development 2010-01-08 00:43:51 UTC This branch has not been imported yet.
lp://staging/~agateau/kdebase-workspace/fdo-notifications (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2009-07-17 13:41:46 UTC
124. Missing patches

Author: Aurélien Gâteau
Revision Date: 2009-07-17 13:41:46 UTC

Missing patches

lp://staging/~albertomilone/kdebase-workspace/dontzap 2 Mature 2009-01-08 13:24:01 UTC
4. * Add kubuntu_55_add_dontzap_option.d...

Author: <email address hidden>
Revision Date: 2009-01-08 13:24:01 UTC

* Add kubuntu_55_add_dontzap_option.diff to allow users to set DontZap in
  xorg.conf if the dontzap package is installed

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